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  1. StrategyRunner

    StrategyRunner Strategy Runner, Ltd.

    Distribution of trading systems written in TradeStation, Excel, Visual Basic or any other proprietary platform to one account or to multiple subscribers.
    Who is it for?

    Strategy Developers, System Traders, CTAs, POAs, CPO that want to automate their trading systems and trade on single account or distribute them to multiple subscribers.
    How does it work?

    • Execution: The developers execute the strategy from within their platform (e.g. TradeStation), and TPAK sends strategy signal to Strategy Runner servers.
    • Distribution: The Strategy Runner server at the FCM's facility receives the signals, and executes the trades for one or multiple subscribers in their individual accounts.
    • Control: Each individual subscriber can monitor and control the strategy execution through Strategy Runner Pro console.
    • Manage: The broker can monitor and manage all subscribers' accounts from the Strategy Runner Manager tool.
    You can run systems from your desk
    or have authorized brokers do it for you.

    Features for developers and brokers
    1. Control:
    Centralized subscription of clients.
    Centralized management of subscribers' orders and accounts.
    2. Security:
    Distribute your trading strategies without revealing your code, and even the orders!
    Only authorized clients with have access to your systems.
    Check monthly - who was trading your system.
    3. Simulated trading:
    Test your trading systems on our real-time trading simulator before moving to the real execution.
    Promote your systems to potential clients, by lettings them view real-time trading.
    4. Advanced Orders: Synthetic orders, including Smart Orders, OCO orders, etc.
    Features for subscribers
    1. Hands-Free Execution: strategies are executed from our server at FCM's facilities, so clients internet connection and even your computer being shut, don't affect order execution.
    2. Monitor trading performance in real time through Strategy Runner Pro trading platform.
    3. Control strategies' execution in real time through Strategy Runner Pro trading platform.
    4. Trade with multiple trading strategies on multiple markets.

    For more info send us an email to: with the subject Elite trader Forum