System Developers Journal Thread: Revisited

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Gyles, May 25, 2008.

  1. Gyles


    A thread was started a few months to follow up on the Trading System development using TradersStudio, at this thread:

    System Developers Journal

    Unfortunately, I was unable to be regular due to health issues & things have long lost focus. Hence, I am restarting the same, and shall ensure that the research moves on more smoothly & systematically.

    Meanwhile, I request you all to input your opinions, views & queries, regarding the development of a Trading System, so that we all can discuss and benefit. Thanks. :)
  2. Gyles


    Discussion regarding “Pooling of Money by Friends and Family in Trading”

    My friends & family were discussing on the pooling of money for the trading purposes. Among ourselves, we can manage around $100,000, I have 4 people who can put in 25,000 each. However, there are a few questions, which I would like to have answered before we move on ahead, as follows:

    1. Is the pooling of money beneficial & legal? We want to have enough money to trade a "trend following system" combined with a bond and e-mini system to give us diversity.
    2. What about the legalities & paper work that is required among friends?
    3. How do we distribute the profits & losses, in order to take care of the tax issues?

    Please comment.
  3. Euler


    What country are you in? In the US, that seems to fit the description of an "investment club" almost exactly. If that's the case, just Google that -- there's an enormous amount of info on them since they're very common.
  4. vikana

    vikana Moderator

    IB also has what's called "friends and family" accounts.
  5. Gyles


    You have made a good suggestion, shall look up for it shall benefit all. This discussion should try to discuss all options whether you are at USA or not, for no one can predict the future. :)

    I shall definitely Google & make some notes for us all to discuss. Thanks, Euler! :)
  6. Gyles


    vikana, that looks interesting, shall look it up. Thanks a lot! :) Moreover, is there no other broker besides IB, that offers such kind of accounts?
  7. Gyles


  8. Have read the threads, they looked interesting.

    I have a question "What issues need to be addressed in an agreement?"

    Please comment.
  9. Gyles


    Since, I have been using Pinnacle data for quite sometime now. At the moment I am trying to develop and trade systems on my own, based the money decisions I take. I am considering switching over to CSI data. However, before I do that, I would like to have your opinion regarding the above two.

    Which is considered better for my purpose? Also, what are the differences between them? Since, CSI is more expensive than Pinnacle, does that mean it is better?

    Please comment.
  10. Murray Ruggiero

    Murray Ruggiero Vendor

    Pinnacle data is fine to use. I use both CSI and Pinnacle. There are two major issues in decided which one to use if you are only using 1.

    1) Are you trading US futures or international markets including London. If you are trading International markets then you need to use CSI. If you are only trading US markets then Pinnacle are fine.
    2) Data Rollover, CSI gives you many options, which is both good and bad for example rolling on volume can sometimes cause a market to switch back and forth between contracts, so you can require 2,3 days after volume changes before the switch.
    3) Pinnacle always rolls on fixed dates, relative to notice days.

    Another issue is that CSI is in Florida and Pinnacle in New York, so a hurricane could create a problem . In a perfect world , I would use both. That what I do. If money is an issue you can start with Pinnacle and US markets and then add international ones after you have a larger trading accountl and then use both services
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