System Builders... 650W Modular Corsair PSU + 4G, RAM, DDR3 1600 ..$99AR.. Today only

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Scataphagos, Mar 9, 2011.

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    Tsing Tao

    nice, mate. thanks.
  2. I'm shocked that 4gb of ddr3 1600 can be bought for $50 now. I paid thousands for DDR3 when it first came out.

    Thanks for the post Scat.
  3. We're in the sweet spot for DDR3 right now. Anyone who needs it should stock up. Once the next new thing replaces DDR3, the price will go up and their won't be much in the way of deals or rebates.

    The PSU on the above deal is $95AR right now... it's like getting the RAM for $5. Can't complain about that.
  4. Don't remind me... I thought I bought some 128 MB SIMMS memory for well over $100. :mad: :p The 52-inch plasma TV was like $10,000 I think...
  5. The first plasma TV I saw was in a B&O store. Can't recall whether it was 32" or 40".... but I recall the price... $15,000.
  6. I jumped on $2800 for my 37" plasma a few years back.
    Live and learn, unless it's electronics or women, or cars, or tools...
  7. How cheap are 8 core & matching mobo's these days? Any deals out there?

    Aren't there some boards where you can have 48 or 96 gb or ram?
  8. Doubt there are any cheap ones. 8-core CPUs start around $1200. Most X58 mobos top out at 24G RAM, but some Xeon mobos will take 192G RAM..
  9. I just spent 15 minutes browsing Newegg. It's amazing what's out there. AMD 6 core 2.6ghz cpu for $199. Some mobo's have up to 192gb ddr3 capability.
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