System broker with low commissions?

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    I want to let the broker to trade my systems. I need fair commission rates, access to Eurex and good quality service, of course... Which one of these brokers is the best in your experience?

    1) Striker Securities
    2) VanKar Trading
    3) Zap Futures
    4) Robbins Trading
    5) Lind Waldock
    6) other?

    last 2 are expensive, robbins $55 r/t uuhh!
  2. Is ZAP the ones out of chicago? If its the same ones I'd highly reccomend them...good guys, long history on the exchange...they also dablle in daytrading stocks through some llc's
  3. Keynes


    Try Gallo Global Markets:
    They also have a great staff of programmers/traders that can help you with your trading system.
  4. Do you want to take over their system or bring your own one in ?
  5. Keynes


    If you want to trade Eurex, you should choose a brokerage firm that has a branch or representatives in Europe that can help you during the first hours of trading.

    It's so hard to solve problems when you have to talk to those guys working in the heart of the night in Chicago...
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    If you have a system, wouldn't it be cheaper to hire a programmer to help you write it? You then have control over the code and flexibility on tweaking it when necessary.
  7. Check us out at:

    If the volume warrents it we can help you automate your system, through the Trading Technologies API.

    Feel free to private message me with any ?'s
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    If your system's good, what's to prevent others from 'borrowing' it?
  9. I have heard of this guys out of San Fran.

    They have access to a few good systems and also act as Introducing Broker with a few FCM.

    I believe they charge under 10 bucks to execute traders and have programmers on staff to help with your system development. Good luck.
  10. Can't get cheaper than that. I'll be sending my list in this morning.
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