System battery voltage is low

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tango29, May 17, 2009.

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    Before I start, I'll state I did a Google/Yahoo search on the problem, and I am checking here in addition to those searches to see if anyone on Elite has had a similiar message.
    At start up the computer stated" Alert! System Battery voltage low". Anyone else experience this and find a particular solution. I' going to try restting the current battery and then replacing it if the message still comes up. I also wanted to check other solution possiblities. The computer is older, a Dell 8300 P4 2.6Ghz with Win XP.
  2. I have never had that message, but my guess is it's just old. Isn't like a watch battery pretty cheap? You are referring to the one on the motherboard?
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    Your main battery may be beginning to fail. You should try rebooting with the battery removed.

    The more likely problem is that the button battery that maintains your settings and time is dying. These are usually located under a cover on the bottom of the notebook. They can usually be purchased at Wallgreens.

    If you are talking about a desk computer, then you should locate and replace the button battery on the motherboard as the previous poster said.
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    Big AAPL

    I have a Dell 8400 3.2 G and get that message occasionally, especially if the system shuts down and I don't restart immediately. I've ignored it for over 2 years with no ill effects.
  5. I have an old Dell 8300 and rarely use it. Lately, I've been getting the same message.

    No biggie.
  6. I had an older DELL that would give that message perodically. As others, I just ignored it and never had any problems. If it turns out you need to replace the battery, its a fairly simple and inexpensive procedure. Just go to the DELL site and plug in your service tag and it will tell you the exact battery you need (which you can buy from DELL, its not expensive).