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  1. Don't know if this rumor is true...
    Seems most Syrians can't read English, someone
    swapped the signs on them and told them that they meant something else
    like "Death to America" and so forth and this is what they took to
    their protest.

    These signs lasted for most of the morning until someone told them what
    they really meant. Priceless!

  2. The Syrian fuckwits have asked for it, and we're gonna oblige em :D
  3. Interesting, both people of Syria & Argentina have mostly the pattern of brown eyes; Argentina has a literacy rate of 96.2%. :cool:

    For practical purposes you could call Syria a Russian or Soviet satellite ; especially since the socialistic Baath party & Hafez al-Assad family came to power in 1971.[South American Handbook- Bath not Baath publisher & Dr. Tim LaHaye book.]

    President Ronald ''rawhide'' Reagan wisely nicknamed them ''evil empire'' ;nicknamed Libyan Mumar al-Qaddafi a ''mad dog''

    "Big government is not the solution; it is the PROBLEM Ron Reagan said!!! *** National news media mocked & scorned s-d-i-''star wars'' and it backfired on those losers.

    Star wars trend ''the stars in thier courses [spheres] fought.''