Syrian terrorists supported by Russia and China

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  1. The Syrian terrorist Assad (responsible for funding Islamic Terrorism against Israel) has got diplomatic support from the Commies to continue in power.

    We need to ensure that Assad ends up like Osama, Saddam and Gaddafi did.

    We need to go into Syria hard with aggressive airstrikes against Assad and his evil blood-loving wife Assma.

    Once the Assads are turned into dog food, we need to put a pro-Israel leadership in power.

    Syria is our next objective in the global war on terror. Once we have finished off Syria, we need to launch attacks on Iran and Pakistan.

    God bless USA and Israel and all those who support our wars.

    We must not rest until the chance of another 911 has been reduced to 0%.

    War is never pleasant, but often war is necessary.
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    americanloser = AIPAC ring kissing boot licker - num num num num num
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    The "Blood Lust" group think is strong in you - too bad you can't think for yourself while your licking their boots! :eek:
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    Iran: A Manufactured Threat - for the braindead stupid

    America planing false flag pretense to attack Iran

    Stephen Lendman
    OpEd News
    February 8, 2012

    Iran attacked no other country in over 200 years. It threatens none now. It’s neighbors know it. So do Washington and Israel.

    Nonetheless, saber rattling warnings continue. At issue is making an independent state a client one. It’s why Washington orchestrated Syria’s insurgency and continues anti-Iranian propaganda.

    Tehran won’t tolerate losing its sovereignty, nor should it. It suffered a generation of repression under Washington’s installed Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi after the CIA’s first ever coup ousted democratically elected Mohammad Mosaddegh.

    It also knows how America and Israel reign terror throughout the region. As a result, it’s prepared to defend itself if attacked.

    America’s business is war, permanent war for unchallenged global dominance. Post-9/11, multiple ones raged and continue. Ordinary people want them stopped.

    On February 4, dozens of anti-war organizations held a “Day of Mass Action to Stop a US War on Iran.” Among others, The World Can’t Wait announced it headlining, “NO war! NO sanctions! No intervention! No Assassinations.”

    A press release listed dozens of participating US cities, large and small. Other known countries involved included Canada, Britain, India, Ireland, Turkey, Norway, and Bangladesh.

    Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark participated. In 1992, he founded the International Action Center (IAC). Calling itself “anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist,” it’s committed against wars, racism, economic exploitation, and other forms of injustice.

    Its web site urged worldwide participation in an “emergency” protest day of action.

    Thousands across America alone participated. Follow-up actions are planned. People are fed up and want America’s war machine stopped. Vital resources are squandered while growing needs go unaddressed.

    Major media scoundrels misreported about Saturday’s pro and anti-government protests in Moscow, but ignored anti-war ones in their own cities and across America.

    In fact, they cheerlead Washington’s wars. For months, they regurgitated hostile Syrian/Iranian propaganda. Their drumbeat continues daily.

    Their misinformation promotes war, mass killing, vast destruction, and human misery. Their reports exclude these and other key facts. Instead they feature agitprop and bald-faced lies about a nonbelligerent state, threatening on one, including America and Israel.

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  6. Soon Syria will be liberated.

    God bless USA and Israel.