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    Its disgusting- the UN have 5 pernament members on the the UN secuirty council-UK/usa/france/china/russia- the chinese and the russians blocked action in syria- why is this?
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    You had to be around when the U.N. was created out of the League of Nations. Basically, the major nations of the world at the time didn't want to be over ruled at the whim of the others so each was given veto power. Otherwise they wouldn't have joined and the United Nations wouldn't exist.
  3. We should just ignore the Chinese and Ruskies and flatten Syria. Syria poses a real and present danger to our best ally, Israel. Once we've gotten Syria, we should get Iran.
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    I don't think he is pondering the security council - he's asking WHY China and Russia don't want to intervene and stop this, not a procedural query.
  5. The Chinese and Ruskies want Iran to survive, since Iran answers to them. If Syria falls to the west, Iran has no regional allies left.

    Also, the Russians have a military port in Syria, and do not want to lose influence in the area. The Chinese just hate America and American influence and will support anything that is opposed to the USA.
  6. He is asking why did Russia and China veto UN action against Syria.
  7. I explained why exremely eloquently. Read the above Mr Spiker.

    God bless USA, Israel and Pakistan, brothers united against terrorism.
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    Watching the Obama regime sit back and allow the slaughter in Syria reminds me of the Clinton regime sitting back and allowing the slaughter in Kosovo...and Rwanda.

    Leftists have a remarkable tolerance for the slaughter of innocent people.
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    Clinton said that was one of his biggest regrets. I guess Obama didn't hear him. Compassion doesn't come natural to the left. They have to acquire it through painful regret.
  10. I agree. If we had the Republicans in, we would have nuked the evil Syrians by now and Israel would be safer.
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