Syria tortures and kills many freedom fighters

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    We need to go full thrust ahead and attack these evil barbarians.

    Iran is also doing nasty things, so we should consider war against Iran in particular. Iran is Syria's biggest supporter. Evil loves evil.

    God bless American troops in the war against terror and God Bless Israel, the land of God's chosen people.
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    If fire fighters fight fires, and crime fighters fight crime, what do freedome fighters fight?
  3. Lucrum


    You going to be on the front lines?

  4. He will be helping his mom in the kitchen.
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    LOL Good one!

    The Saudis are loaded. Maybe they can hire some mercenaries and take care of Syria and Iran themselves. It's their part of the world, let them get involved.
  6. Syrian armed forces are much stronger than Libya though
  7. g222


    quote from jakejones:

    Ever wonder why God chose to lead his chosen ones to a land in the middle of nowhere, out of sight and out of mind ??? Could it be that, once realizing that which God hath wrought, God wanted to keepeth them ... out of sight and out of mind ... ??? I'm not saying for sure, mind you ... but it doth maketh some senseth, jaketh.