Syria then Iran

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jakejones, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. We should get Syria first, since it is an easier target than Iran.

    Once we have killed the Syrian government we should then threaten Iran with the same fate and allow the Iranian government to make its way to the International Criminal Court. If the Iranian government does not do this, we should kill it.

    Once we have taken Iran, we should privatize all oil and put the companies under our control. This is the best way to stop Iran ever again using its oil money to build nukes.

    God bless USA and Israel.
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    Mods, please ban this troll.
  3. Oh do be quiet.

    If I were you, I would shut up and support American troops in the wars that they are about to have against Syria and Iran.
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    Would you believe I actually got a PM from Joe to lay off of him?

  5. Thats cos you don't support the troops, you muzzie terrorist lover.

    God bless America and Israel.