Syria: Obama has failed in peace efforts

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    Gotta agree with Baby Assad there. Obama is a huge failure worldwide and just gave away American influence, fucked our allies and partners and bowed down to the saudis and islamic terrorists.
  2. Interesting how you "real Americans" will take any opportunity to snub your president, even if it means siding with the president of Syria, which is on the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism. Truly a fascinating display of flag, country and applie pie, for which you "patriots" are so well known.
  3. Welcome to the party, you're a little late!

  4. Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night for siding with a state sponsor of terrorism against your own country's interests.
  5. This guy's a FARKIN' MORON! Sure, Bush abused his power and was a total turd.. but OBAMA IS 10 TIMES WORSE!
  6. Obambi had no issue siding with the hypocritical leader of Mexico as he tore into AZ and the residents of that state from the WH lawn. And the dems gave him a standing O latter on.

    The real anti american terrorists are sitting right in the WH.
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