Syria next ? You bet.

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  1. Syria next ? You bet. carries the following headlines :

    "Washington drafts secret ultimatum for Damascus, demanding handover of wanted Iraqi regime leaders, including Saddam’s top bio-chemical warfare scientists. Earlier, DEBKAfile revealed that many of 55 most wanted Iraqi leaders granted asylum in Syria."

    If President Bashar al-ASAD is foolish enough he will make the same mistake as Sadam Hussein made by not taking the Americans seriously.

  2. msfe


    re: Wolfowitz´s and Perle´s Greater Israel

    Syria could be next, warns Washington

    Ed Vulliamy in Washington
    Sunday April 13, 2003
    The Observer

    The United States has pledged to tackle the Syrian-backed Hizbollah group in the next phase of its 'war on terror' in a move which could threaten military action against President Bashar Assad's regime in Damascus.

    The move is part of Washington's efforts to persuade Israel to support a new peace settlement with the Palestinians. Washington has promised Israel that it will take 'all effective action' to cut off Syria's support for Hizbollah - implying a military strike if necessary, sources in the Bush administration have told The Observer .

    Hizbollah is a Shia Muslim organisation based in Lebanon, whose fighters have attacked northern Israeli settlements and harassed occupying Israeli troops to the point of forcing an Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon three years ago.

    The new US undertaking to Israel to deal with Hizbollah via its Syrian sponsors has been made over recent days during meetings between administration officials and Israeli diplomats in Washington, and Americans talking to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in Jerusalem. It would be part of a deal designed to entice Israel into the so-called road map to peace package that would involve the Jewish state pulling out of the Palestinian West Bank, occupied since 1967.

    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has so far rejected the road map initiative - charted by the US with its ally, Britain - which also calls for mutual recognition between Israel and a new Palestinian state, structured according to US-backed reforms. The American guarantee would be to take armed action if necessary to cut off Syrian support for Hizbollah, and stop further sponsorship for the group by Iran.

    'If you control Iraq, you can affect the Syrian and Iranian sponsorship of Hizbollah, both geographically and politically,' says Ivo Daalder of the Brookings Institution think-tank in Washington.

    'The United States will make it very clear, quietly and publicly, that Baathist Syria may come to an end if it does not stop its support of Hizbollah.'

    The undertaking dovetails conveniently into 'phase three' of what President George Bush calls the 'war on terror' and his pledge to go after all countries accused of harbouring terrorists.

    It also fits into calls by hawks inside and aligned to the administration who believe that war in Iraq was first stage in a wider war for American control of the region. Threats against Syria come daily out of Washington.

    Hawks in and close to the Bush White House have prepared the ground for an attack on Syria, raising the spectre of Hizbollah, of alleged Syrian plans to wel come refugees from Saddam Hussein's fallen regime, and of what the administration insists is Syrian support for Iraq during the war.

    Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz - regarded as the real architect of the Iraqi war and its aftermath - said on Thursday that 'the Syrians have been shipping killers into Iraq to try and kill Americans', adding: 'We need to think about what our policy is towards a country that harbours terrorists or harbours war criminals.

    'There will have to be change in Syria, plainly,' said Wolfowitz.

    Washingtom intelligence sources claim that weapons of mass destruction that Saddam was alleged to have possessed were shipped to Syria after inspectors were sent by the United Nations to find them.

    One of the chief ideologists behind the war, Richard Perle, yesterday warned that the US would be compelled to act against Syria if it emerged that weapons of mass destruction had been moved there by Saddam's fallen Iraqi regime.
  3. I have always felt that Syria was a better target for a good bombing than Iraq... Syria is more of a threat to Israel than Iraq ever was... Syria funds the kind of fanatic lunatics which blow up innocent Israeli citizens in a way Iraq never did...


    But before we bomb Syria, I would prefer it if we first bombed Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran... and, as for Korea, we should move our troops out of South Korea and then nuke North Korea... when North Korea nukes South Korea in revenge, it'll be OK cos just the South Koreans will get fried...
  4. >>The undertaking dovetails conveniently into 'phase three' of what President George Bush calls the 'war on terror' and his pledge to go after all countries accused of harbouring terrorists.<

    I agree with you Msfe that it is good if the world can get rid of terrorists . :) :)

    Or am I wrong there and is it that you don't want to see this happen ?

  5. msfe


    get rid of Dubya then
  6. Why? Bush has the balls to tackle this massive problem before it becomes an unsolvable one. He needs to take extreme measures because of all the bullshit pacifist crap that went on during Clinton's term.
  7. Msfe, I only posted that so as to get you to respond to my question "Or am I wrong there and is it that you don't want to see this happen ?"

    Not for you to be a smart Aleck.

    We really want to know where you really stand, whether you merely have got a thing against Bush or whether your sympathies lie with terrorists as a whole.

    Just be honest for a change. If not to us at least to yourself.

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    DEBKAfile reports signs of imminent US military action against Syria – striking at Iraqi and other targets.

    Bush issued grave warning after discovering Assad stealing away evidence that would justify the US war on Iraq. He has hidden Saddam’s forbidden weapons in Syria, together with associated scientists and military.

    Lines of black armor-plated limousines at Syria's military airports as thousands of Saddam’s regime officials stream out of Iraq into Syria.

    Syrian foreign minister Sharah: If US attacks Syria, Israel will also get hurt.
  9. Freealways, msfe will be glad to tell you his true feelings, once he can cut and paste a snippet from somewhere to express them.
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    Busy Baghdad Highway to Damascus -

    US Close to Military Action against Iraqi and other Targets in Syria

    Day 26 of Iraq War

    Round about noon on Sunday, April 13, US commanders realized that, while they were preoccupied with the civic needs of Baghdad, they were missing the biggest spectacle of the war – the 2003 Exodus from Iraq. Members of Saddam’s regime in their thousands were pouring out of Baghdad and Saddam’s last strongholds of Tikrit, Samarra and al Ramadi and heading for the Syrian frontier and Damascus. DEBKAfile’s intelligence and military sources report that Syrian military intelligence teams waited on the other side of the border, sorting the fugitives into groups and moving them on. Most high officials and officers were directed to Damascus and the Mediterranean towns of Latakia or Tartous.

    US special forces sped to the Syrian border exits to try and stem the outflow, a mission well nigh impossible, given the winding, porous 500-km frontier populated by Arab nomadic tribes who make their living by smuggling people, arms, oil and contraband back and forth. A few of the escapees were nabbed but most crossed to safety. Our sources quote witnesses who saw a long line of black armor-plated limousines with Iraqi number plates driving into Damascus’s Al Maze and other military airports in Syria. They could not tell if the limousines were collecting Iraqis coming in by plane or delivering top Saddam officials to special flights leaving Syria.

    The safe and assisted passage of thousands of Saddam’s top men into Syria evoked yet another stern warning from President George W. Bush in Washington Sunday, April 13. The Syrians must stop harboring Baathists and other Iraqis to be brought to account, he said and leveled another grave charge against Damascus: “We believe there are chemical weapons in Syria,” he said.

    The president’s denunciations topped the cautions issued by defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld and secretary of state Colin Powell earlier in the day. Rumsfeld: “We found a lot of fighters from Syria, a lot got killed last night”. If Saddam Hussein turns out to be in Syria, he said: “Syria will have made the worst of a whole lot of bad mistakes.” Powell advised Syria to stop supporting terrorists.

    It will be recalled that DEBKAfile was first to reveal that Syria had granted asylum to senior Iraqi officials and provided them with the facilities to conduct the war from outside Iraq.

    The catalogue of serious Syrian offences thrown out by Bush and his team in less than one day reads ominously like a final warning to President Bashar Assad.

    Even this catalogue was not comprehensive. It is worth noting that the US president did not say Syria has chemical weapons, but “We believe there are chemical weapons in Syria.” He did not say they were Syria’s weapons. According to a DEBKAfile senior in the US administration, Assad, in addition to rescuing Saddam and his minions, is working with a will to de-legitimize the American war in Iraq and make sure it can never be justified. He is trying to achieve this by placing Iraq’s entire chemical and biological weapons arsenal in a safe repository, also placing the scientists and officials employed on Iraq’s unconventional weapons programs out of reach in hidden locations. In this clandestine operation he was almost certainly assisted by Russian and French intelligence services, who share Assad’s ambition to deny the United States any proof that its war on Iraq was just.

    No seasoned observer in the region would be in the least surprised to see American military action launched shortly against Iraqi and other targets in Syria or even Lebanon.
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