Syria is on third level of alert!

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  1. Syria is on third level of alert!

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    Oh my. The humanity.
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    Syrians have been on high alert since July 4th. After shooting down a couple of Israeli spy drones that ventured inside Syria, ( ) they already figured out they're next in line for heavy bombardment.

    The so called 48 hour "truce" ( offered by Israel is in fact a ploy to re group themselves for an offensive into Syria and get fully re supplied by the American tax payer before making the move. If they think they need more arms, they'll give more "truce time". No one ever accused the Zionists of being stupid! LOL :D

    This is the MOST interesting piece of news I've ever seen . This news was on Yahoo and Googles front pages and within 15 minutes got yanked!! You can't find it doing a Yahoo search either! That's what I call efficient propaganda management.

    EXCLUSIVE 120 bombs leave Prestwick for Lebanon Secret files prove U.S. tried to hide flights Irish refuse to let them into their airspace

    LOL, No wonder the American Tax payer is ignorant of the fact that they're paying for the little dead Lebanese Kids.

    I do however congratulate the Irish for refusing to let the last plane land for refueling after they figured out what the American tax payers were up to. Very proper and Christian of them.

    A spokeswoman added: "It is normal practice to use Irish airspace to travel from Prestwick when heading to Europe and beyond.

    "On this occasion permission was denied by the Irish CAA. I am not able to say why."

    But a source added: "It wasn't a safety concern, it was a moral one."

    Oh and it seems even the Scottish did not permit the landing of these little "gifts" from the American tax payer to the little Lebanese kids.

    Very interesting news to say the least. HEY IS IT ON FOX NEWS YET?!!! ROTFLMAO! :D
  4. that supposed to worry us?

    Reminds me when Qaddafi kept saying shit like, "You cross this line, you die!"

    So US forces crossed the line (somewhere out in international waters,", and Qaddafi moved his "line" a little closer in, and said, "American imperialist infidels! You cross this line, you die!" So our ships moved closer in, Qaddafi launched some fighter jets, and we shot them down. Later we bombed him, and he shut up....
  5. In response to the elevation of alert levels by the Syrians, We have decided on a measured response. Effective at 2200 hours 1 August 2006, The 19th Alabama Infantry Re-enactors have been ordered to raise their level of alert to Level 3.

  6. LOL! Clay, I disagree with you about a few things, but I like your style...:)
  7. "This doesn't mean we'll be swappin' spit in the shower. "
    - Gunny Highway

  8. Yeah, it's not like I'd shake your hand in broad daylight or anything....:)
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    This sounds like the title to a Monty Python skit. :D
  10. All it means is that Bashar al-Asad's chin has gone missing again.

    All Syrians are expected to be dilligently searching for it.
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