Syria, Iran, North Korea, and other diversions.

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  1. Hey, I thought Syria, Iran, and North Korea were gonna attack us! WTF??? How come they don't seem to be threats anymore? And where in the fuck are those WMDs?? You'd think they could've at least found one.

    I mentioned this lapse of intrepidity to a friend who seems to think that Syria et al. are no longer threats because the war in Iraq didn't go so well.

    And where the hell is Rumsfeld?? Funny that he seems to have all but disappeared in the media ever since the shit hit the fan in Iraq.

    Maybe he's underground eatin' bon bons with Cheney...
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    Wait a minute. Are you saying that you want us to be attacked? Because that is how I just read your post, like you can't wait for it to happen. I hope you just maybe mistyped or something. I know liberals have no heart and 9/11 probably means nothing to you but an old date on the calendar, but some of us DO NOT want to be attacked here ever again!

    Funny, before 9/11 I never thought we would be attacked either. You know how the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

    As for the WMD's. My guess is it will be 3 to 5 years before we find them. There is just too much chaos over there right now to dedicate any kind of real effort. We need to dedicate as many troops as possible to security detail so we minimize the body bags getting sent home. You don't have a problem with us protecting our soldiers do you? Until things settle down over there we simply can't waste time searching an area the size of California. It will be years before we find the WMD. I think you know that too.

    As far as Syria goes, I will go out on the limb here and say we will have troops in Syria by spring of next year. They are next. Possibly Syria and Iran together. North Korea is going to take a little more finesse.
  3. You know how it goes... sinking ship.. rats disappear first, or is it cockroaches?:D
    Ari Fleicher smart cookie:D :D
  4. Ha! there is Mavman :D :D finally pushed that rock out of the way:p
    Wait a NYC minute, 9-11???:confused: what's that have to do with the Iraq war??:confused:

    Ahhhh I get it, you are one of the 65% morons believing saddam was directly involved. :D :D Now it's time to provide "new evidence" Syrians are behind it. How about looking at the real instigators right here in the good old US of A:(
  5. Maverick74


    Hey Nolan, what's wrong with wiping all evil right off the face of this earth. I'm pissed this Iraq thing is taking so long, I want to move on to Syria, Iran and like I said North Korea, well, maybe send Jesse Jackson over there. They can keep him. While we're at it, I never really liked Cuba either.
  6. I was hopping you'd get drafted, sent to saudi just before we carpet bomb them.:p "you have stated you are old enough to dodge the draft... yeah right...." rats....ohhhhh well that would have taken care of your chickhawcking warmongering affliction:p

    Here's is a friendly suggestion for ya.:cool:
    Why don't you and your cronies move to a third world country with no natural resources, the leaders of the free world will leave you alone.:D :D No worries about attacks, no tv, no o reilly, you'll be in 7th heaven:D
  7. Maverick74


    I'll never leave the good old USA. But a more important question, why don't you move to France? I know you would like it there. Just at least think about it. Please?

    Oh and on the subject of natural resources. What natural resources where we going after in Germany and Japan when we attacked them?

    I can't wait to hear this answer.
  8. lmao... yer too easy lad:presumptuous about me liking france aren't you?:) Germany? Japan? sheeeeshhhh what do they have to do with Iraq /Syria/ 9-11 etc? :confused: ummmmmm why not bring up American Spanish war? Civil war? Crusades? Attila? Roman empire?

    Thanks for the laughs...again... :D

    see how nice I am? don't wanna make you wait too long this time:p
  9. HUH?

    I am old, but not old enough to remember what happened. But unless my parents and everyone else who ever talked about it, or wrote about it was lying, Japan attacked US.

    And Germany? I think they were bombing the shit out of London, and had marched through some of our other allies. We used to have allies. Not so sure now with this Iraq deal. I can only hope we are forgiven for Bush like we have forgiven Germany for Hitler.

    And no, I don't mean to imply that Bush is like Hitler. Both bad guys, but very different. Bush is not a world class villain. That was Nixon:)

  10. Maverick74


    Bush is a bad guy? Why? So you disagree with his policies so you call him a bad guy. Look, I can't stand Hillary Clinton's policies but I don't think she is a bad woman. You know, you people, and by you I mean this whole group of Bush haters out there, have a hard time separating truth from fiction. You think you have all the answers. You think you know everyone's intentions, well I hope your kids or grand kids are not the next victims of terrorism.

    We will be attacked again in this country. That is certain. We don't don't know when and we don't know where. But it is a mathematical certainty. There are people in this world believe it or not, that will stop at nothing at destroying this country and our western values. And it is not something that Bush did the last couple of years. This hate has been in the air for over a half century. It's only now that technology has evolved to the point where a country 20,000 miles away can attack us without even launching as much as one missile or dropping a bomb. I think 9/11 showed us that. What's next, our air, our water, our computers, our planes?

    We have some really enemies in the world. You can deny this all you want but they are out there. George Bush has the courage to stand up and defend our country and our way of life. Our values, our beliefs, our history. You call him a bad person because he wants to make sure that your children and your grandchildren live in a safe world and a safe country.

    Like I said, I don't know you from Adam, but I hope your family is safe and I hope your family never has to see a 9/11 ever again or a holocaust.
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