Syria, here we go.

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  2. Obama seems to be on some kind of mission to overthrow all the secular governments in the ME.
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    Assad is openly supported by the Russia and China, this one won't go away and is a powder keg, even the other Middle Eastern leaders don't want this one, not that they support Assad and his actions, they know the possible quagmire that will ensue.
  4. Well, it's not as if we or Obama have much integrity left anyway. Apparently our last shreds of equitability or popular support in the Arab World are a small price to pay for Israel's safety.
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    We are going to help Al Queda get their own state complete with chemical weapons. I can see this working out well for us.
  6. What a simply ridiculous statement. Al Quaeda, come on.
  7. Actually, according to the article, a while back. And as the article more or less shouts, you can tell when it started too.
    You'd have to be unbelievably naive to think Assad's regime is crumbling because of an entirely indigenous movement unassisted by powerful outside forces. You'd have to be even more naive if you thought the majority Sunni Arabs who sit on the majority of the oil wealth in the ME were going to just sit around and let Assad murder their co-religionists without waltzing up to the leaders over here and requesting some serious help for them.
    Unless of course you're ignorant of the religious fault lines in the Arab world. But I'm sure you're not.
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    Do your homework, guess who's also on the side of the rebels against Assad.
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    If memory serves, awhile back the main players in the ME told us to stay out of Syria.
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    do journalists ever have real, cite-able sources anymore? Or is it just these mysterious "anonymous" (i.e. administration press releases) people?
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