Syria Chemical Weapons and Obama's response

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    Is Obama going to do anything? If not he risks appearing weak to the enemies of the US and it will only encourage Iran and North Korea to accelerate their efforts in developing nuclear weapons.

    Perhaps Obama will avoid war at all costs for fear of losing the virtual Nobel Peace prize that he was awarded a couple of years ago?

    But it is not good if you talk tough and then fail to follow up with actions when the "red line is crossed". Is he too nice a guy to be US President? Or will he step up to the plate now that there is no other alternative?
  2. Stick to your video games.
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    Thanks for the advice, but I don't play video games.

    Are you happy to look the other way when the "red line is crossed"? The current US administration themselves said that using chemical weapons was a red line. Presumably you are against war at all costs, which is an admirable stance to take. But then why draw the red line in the first place if that is the case?

    It's not hard to imagine what Ahmajinidad is thinking.
  4. He's weak, everyone knows it and he won't do shit.

  5. Do you mean Bashar al-Assad ?
  6. Didn't take long for the leftist media to circle the wagons. Hagel no sooner made the comment and spin mode went full tilt. Madcow and Tingles spent huge blocks of time splitting hairs and hand wringing.
    Personally I don't give a shit how they kill each other, so long as they only kill each other, but that's not the point. The point is, the President of the United States said in no uncertain terms that if chemical weapons were used that there would be serious consequences. A line that cannot be crossed he stated. Well, the line got crossed and in true leftist fashion when it comes to radical Islam, the line gets moved. If we're not going to do anything, then quit with the trash talk that you can't back up. Don't think Iran and North Korea aren't watching.
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    Syria Chemical Weapons and Obama's response


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    Searching for proof, corroborated by others that will stand up in international community, Then we go clean up that mess. Market will ROAR!
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    No. You have to think more than one move ahead buddy. If Obama is not good for his word Iran will correctly see it as weakness from Obama. I don't give a shit about Assad.

    Obama doesn't want a war on his watch. But events change things. He has a responsibility as President to do what is right, not what is easy and turn a blind eye.
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    When you have a community organizer calling the shots for the greatest nation on earth you are going to have huge mistakes and blunders in both national and foreign policy.

    Making statements that you don't intend to back up is a tactic of the weak and irresponsible and our enemies know it.

    We've already had 5 terrorist attacks that were either successful or the device didn't work in 4 years of Obama. We were protected from none of these by the Obama administration even though in most the dots should have been connected.

    Incompetence is the hallmark of Obama and his appointees.
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