Syria becoming a regional war...

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    I went to google news and searched on "Syria regional war" and came up with some interesting reading material.

    I did notice that the WH has started demonizing the Assad regime by saying they used chemical weapons. Nobody has any proof of that afaik. I wasn't aware that McCain was pushing for more US involvement. I do know that he was behind a push to reduce our medical freedoms a few years ago. He wants the supplement industry, herbs, etc. all brought under the loving care of the Medical Cartel's public sector representatives. He earned my undying disrespect for that.

    I'm thinking that little regional conflict could become WW3. Wouldn't WW3 get the US out of it's current economic mess? It's claimed that WW2 got the US out of the economic mess of the 1930's and we repeated the same mistake: stimulus. The US was very slow to recover compared to countries that didn't apply stimulus so it's happening again. We are very slow to recover. Maybe we will continue the repeating history with a huge War?
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  3. I doublt WW3 "saves" America. In fact, likely the last nail in our (and everybody's coffin).

    WW2 was the impetus to transform America's economy from "agrarian to industrial". Nothing like that in the cards for today's USSA.

  4. I can assure y'all that the Chemical weapons attack on the site of - Khan Assal - on the outskirs of the city of Aleppo - Syria was done by none other than Al-Qaida and their agents a few months back .

    As a matter of fact just coinciding with the arrival of the U N team to investigate this matter , last week the Jeehadist Al-Qaida forces numbered around 10.000 successfuly launched one of the most ferocious attacks on the same site and commited unspeakble atrocities on the local residents and the staitioned Syrian Army checkpoint there and estimates are between 200 - 300 Syrian soldiers were butchered and slaughtered in cold blood + over 100 civilians , videos are available on U-tube .

    The city of Aleppo has been under siege and completely surrounded by Jeehadist forces ever since they invaded a year ago , the city itself has been divided into West and East , only the western half of the city is controlled by the government , and it's residents numbered about 2 Million , are mosly Ethnically diverse groups Secular in nature and against the religiously extreemist Ideology .

    A few weeks ago the extremists decided to Starve the people of the city by forbiding anything from entering the city : food , fuel , meat , Vegetables and everything else , after weeks of using up what people had stored up as reserve , the population of Aleppo Ran out of supplies and went days without Bread and almost starved to death until the governmnt decided to open the only road connecting West Aleppo to the rest of Syria , a military road that goes through the desert , and brought in some fuel and flower to the bakeries , but this road is constantly under Terrorist attacks , it's the real Gauntlet , some people thought this road was safe to travel and took this occasion to make an escape , lots of innocent civillians got killed on this road last week .

    Atacks on civilian and food supply convoys , they shoot these clips and display'em with pride as heroic acts :

    Last night the city of Aleppo experienced one of it's scariest battles . Jeehadist / Extreemist Al-Qaida Terrorists attempted to atack Aleppo from the Western Side . Supported and encouraged by the newly delivered American ,Western Saudi weapons . They named their operation : " ÈÊÑ ÇáßÇÝÑíä " , meaning : BUTCHER the UNBELIVERS . . . . Cosidering the fact that most Western Aleppines are considered KUFFARS and anti Sharia . A real GENOCIDE awaits the faith of Aleppo people if they secced in breaching the defensive lines .

    Let's hope tonight's Raids on the city won't be as deadly as last nights' because lots of innocent people died last night from stray rockets and missiles on some of the residential neighbourhoods . These animals launch Mortars on residential neighborhoods on purpose , every night we expect 20 to 30 mortars intent on killing civillians just because they don't support their " Revolution " .

    Reporting From the Eye of the Storm .
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    thanks for thinking that through for me..
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    I think Assad has the upper hand and will eventually crush the rebellion. We can't seriously arm Al Qaeda to defeat Assad.

    The best thing would be that this goes on for many years and they all kill each other. Civilians need to get the Hell out of that country.
  7. The enemy of the US is not external. It is internal. I use to be a Marine, and I will not be re-joining to fight an external war.

  8. The USA et al are Seriously Arming , funding , providing Intel To Al Qaeda for sure , I'm on the ground and can assure you of that , it's not a big secret anymore .

    Please read the 3rd paragraph of my 1st comment above . Residents of Western Aleppo numbering around 2 Milion people are stuck between rock and hard place , there's nowhere to run / escape .
  9. It's mind boggling to think "WW3 will repair us". Why? Because WW2 did... but under what conditions? Anything like that exist today?

    WW3 would mean nearly total destruction of the planet and especially the West.

    Those looking forward to a possible World War, FOR ANY REASON, are out of their farnkn' minds.

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    Somebody wants it! Maybe it's only the devil but nonetheless...

    I've read scenarios of how it could play out. Iran could easily have a dozen weaponized viruses ready to release in US cities. People that went to the ER with one of them would get the other eleven.. That's chilling enough for me to really think twice before I'd want to vote for some hawks. The ME could get nuked into near-nonexistence by Israel. If China and Russia attacked, the US/Israel could put them both into the stone age in fifteen minutes I guess.. Russia is backing Syria, China is backing Iran, Syria and Iran are solid partners, the various Islamic factions from several countries are getting in on both sides..

    Interesting times we live in, no?
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