Synthetic Vs Wood stocks

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Natural, or synthetic stocks

  1. I just love the grain and lustre of wood stocks

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  2. Wooden stocks arent tough enough, rugged use option

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  3. Its too damn expensive to get custom wooden stocks

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  4. the rubberised /plastic option works for me, its cheaper, and i like that grip/durability

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  1. It has come to my attention, their may be strong veiws as to the stock of your chosen firearm, being synthetic, or natural wood of some sort.

    The arguements of synthetics, i feel have been somewhat subverted over time, like so many silicone breast implants that just didnt work out so well;

    The success of the kalashnikov, has been that, not only could the metal components be reverse engineered and stamped out of primitive forges, but the stock components could be quickly reproduced out of virtually any material.

    Its the usual argument, that the synthetic stock will be around long after the stainless steal has rusted to a relic, hundreds of years from now, but looking at the actual rubberised components of so many modern firearms, is that really the case?

    How many people will be using a glock, a hundred years from now?
    These materials havent been around long enough to state, "yes, it will last your lifetime, for sure".

    Plenty of insurance companies have said much the same thing.

    Ive no huge allegiance one way or another, but i do find it weird that synthetic stocks are produced in a fake wood grain, thats a bit of odd, methinks. Whats wrong with camo patterns, or plain original, why do the manufacturers bother to place a fake wood grain on these things?
  2. Axronym;
    Military & duck hunters[waterfowl ] make a pretty good case for them in ''fowl ''weather ;
    prefer black walnut or wood stock:cool:

    Probably why some make plastic look like wood grain:p
  3. Ricter


    A hundred years from now I'll pick up a new glock if the old one has fallen apart.
  4. As a veteran, I can tell you that a soldier wants his weapon to be A: Reliable and B: <b>Lightweight</b>.

    Forget aesthetics, give me whatever gets the job done and weighs the least.
  5. If the gun jams ( or out of ammo) and now that firearm needs to convert into a club, Give me whatever is hardest and durable!! :D
  6. Ricter


    Wood, ivory, or synthetic are all hard enough to stove in a man's head. :)
  7. Yup, could always use the pointy end too.
    I would think Ivory would crumble under the impact tho -now I have a repair bill and (possibly)some stupid questions to answer.

  8. Stupid question no1.
    You have an ivory handle? on what? Dont tell me-an elephant gun

    Heres a nice marlin lever, hardwood stock and cam pattern; Strangely, i thought most of the animals one might hunt with this thing are practically colour blind............
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