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  1. I'm trying to find a product that will allow me to set up orders on my workstation and then are sent to IB when the price meets the criteria. I know I can enter GTC stop limit orders, but then, I beleive, IB will debit my account and tie up my capital. Any Ideas?
    I currently use QuoteTraker as my front end. :cool:
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    bracket trader

    are a few you should check out.
  3. Wow, I sure thought I was going to get more action on this thread. I've alwaysed envied the people who could que up orders to buy at key support levels and sell at resistance efficeintly. With the brokers I've worked with, your capital is tied up with the order not the execution.

    Maybe this isn't really feasable? If I figure anything out, I'll post. :cool:
  4. I'm a simple country boy, and so I wonder: did you first try the conditional orders sheet on IB's DDE sample spreadsheet and determined that it would not fullfill your needs?

    Otherwise, you should have a look at it. Pretty simple to set up your execution triggers with this. If you know a little bit of Excel and its formula syntax, you could be up and running in one hour or less (on the TWS demo preferably :) There is a Ticker sheet from which you can grab trading data directly from IB's quote feed, and badabing badaboom.

    Because you can set up sheets separately with a user name, I believe (but I have not tried and someone will correct me if I'm wrong) that if you run 2 simultaneous TWS sessions: one a regular session on your regular account and the other with the TWS demo; and then set the Tickers sheet with your user name and the conditional order sheet with the TWS demo user name ("edemo"); you could then fire up orders to the demo using real time quotes from your regular account. Much better for a real-time simulation.

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    You could also use the conditional order function built into the TWS.
  7. Thanks so much, I printed you comments and am investigating. I don't currently get my quotes from IB so I would have see if I can link that aspect to my quote supplier or switch to IB quotes.

    Much appreciated!
    Mark :D
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