Synthetic Masters in Finance

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  1. My project is this: I'm looking to create for myself a "Synthetic Masters in Finance" Basically I want to do the opposite of what most MBA/Masters program students do, I want to get the knowledge without the Sheepskin at the end. And I want to do it free or for the cost of a few books. Anyone have any websites, books, class lists, etc that would help? Thanks!
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    "Graduate Certificate in Technical Market Analysis

    The graduate certificate in technical market analysis requires the completion of five courses (15 semester units), plus any necessary prerequisite courses. No comprehensive examination is required. "

    The syllabus lists the reading material used in the courses.

    Much better is the Certificate in Quantitative Finance at wilmott

    The reading list at caia is not bad as well.

    Also CFA prep materials might be helpful.

    It all depends on what you want to do... Search ET on any of the above and find the pros and cons of each.

    Good luck!
  3. Gyles


    So, it seems that you are wondering whether to have a degree or a certificate. Moreover, you want to get the education at the minimum resources. Frankly speaking, it is not the education you have, but the skills and knowledge that matters in life.

    If you desire something, you need to make efforts also. So, you desire to get education and knowledge at the minimum resources. Well, to put it in this way: If you really do not have the resources (money and time), then it is understandable, but if you do have, then trying to learn the quick way may not help.

    Impatience has never been helpful in the learning process. As, in the hurry to pick up things fast we do not really grasp things and our foundation remains weak. So, in the long run, we fail.

    Also, having a degree or a certificate does not mean that you will be successful. To be successful in this field is to have a good understanding of the market and the economy. So, whatever you may decide to take (degree or certificate), the important thing is put in practice what you have learnt to test your understanding and in-depth knowledge.
  4. If you reread my original post, I'm not looking for any certificate or diploma. I'm looking to obtain the knowledge from a master's program without actually getting a degree. I really don't care about a piece of paper, it won't help me. My goal is to approximate the classes without paying.
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    Dear runningman am really sorry to have misunderstood you. Had searched the net and found the following links:

    - Online Finance Courses and Training
    - Free Online Courses and Tutorials for Everyone
    - Online ontinuing Educational Courses for Banking, Finance...
    - Online Course: Accounting, Book Keeping and Finance...
    - Course Materials: School of Accounting, Finance and ...
    - Online Finance Training Seminars
    - AmbaiU Online Business Course...

    Some of them even offer free online courses, material etc., so it might help you to get the knowledge at the minimum resources.

    Moreover, how about trying out apprenticeships in finance, it shall not only give you the knowledge but also the first hand experience and skills of the field. Some links for the same are as follow:

    - Finance, Insurance and Real Estate - Apprenticeships
    - learndirect - Financial Adviser
    - Aprrenticeships and Certification
    - MapIT Modern Apprenticeships

    Hope the above links were helpful. Three Cheers!! :D
  6. So, runningman, which course you joined? Has it helped you?