Synesthete's Trading Group?

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    Synesthete's Trading Group?
    Got spare cha-ching?
    got experience managing traders?
    ever work with synesthetes?
    can't wait to see the movie?

    it was on c2c,
    "... In the first half, Maureen Seaberg, an expert on synesthesia and machine empaths, was joined by frequent C2C guest Heidi Hollis, who happens to be a machine empath. "Synesthesia" is the ability to see numbers or letters or even music as colors, and "machine empaths" are those who affect computers, phones, or other machines with their thoughts either intentionally or not. Hollis detailed many instances of her effects on electronics, such as strange voices during phone calls and mysterious text messages. She also said that she draws poltergeist activity into some people’s lives and that she thinks of people as "a series of visuals" and not as facts or in words.
    Seaberg spoke on the science of synesthetes and how their talents have been used for practical purposes, such as in remote viewing. She mentioned that three of the first top remote viewers had this talent. She has learned that it is "present in 4% of the population." She said that people with this feature in their lives can "literally feel another person’s pain or pleasure" and also use it enhance memory by associating colors with situations or events. George even revealed that he actually associates numbers with colors, saying that "eight is black" and "for 5 I think of orange."

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    Is this supposed to be taken seriously? This sounds like something one of the crackpot call-ins on Coast To Coast AM would claim to have.
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    mr gaussian, Synesthete's in wikipedia. would they lie?
    as for the "machine empaths" yeah, no. More likely the other way around increasing proportional to the passage of time spent on ai r&d, empath machines.
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