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Discussion in 'Trading' started by soler, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. soler


    has anyone heard anything about this site?
    is it just daytrading or only swingtrading or what?

  2. nkhoi


    Tom is good guy, register for his free weekly,
    he swing trade mostly, here is his current trade

  3. yes, He is a good guy. first time I've ever seen a 50% pitchfork.

    Check out his DIA chart.

    At any rate, that was my bread and butter ta chart, dmi adx, macd.
  4. soler


    have you guys heard of
    it looks like their are parallels between synergytrader & hotstix.

  5. ZBEAR


    And he has a sense of humor too.

    Trading is not Life and Death,
    it's much more important than that ! ............... Tom Bierovic
  6. seeking to do this for a living over the long haul... really believe that some guy who uses the term "profits skyrocket", can be more than another charlatan who could not "do" it so why not make fees off a website?!

    On the other hand, I am not ruling out using such a venue to get trading ideas which could benefit trading in accordance with my typical style and plans; or at least give me ideas. But guess I just believe that you either give a man fish for a couple dinners, or "teach" him how to fish for a lifetime of meals. Which would u prefer; for me it is the latter!
  7. He offers a two week free trial. Why not check it out before you start suggesting that he is yet another of fake gurus. Of course, there are many of them out there, but that does not mean yet that there are not some decent ones.
  8. will take your suggestion... thnx

    ought to check them out as U say... before generalizing with a such broad brush. Guess my cynical nature is one of my real strengths in trading... paradoxically, it is at times... one of my main weaknesses.
  9. On a second thought without implying anything, I find it somewhat strange that he does not show off with a track record or something to this effect.

    Anyone knows more (or anything) about his track record. His site seems OK to me and he shares with me the same philosophy of keeping trading simple so if only because of that I took some interest in his service.
  10. nkhoi


    some tibits
    Was there something significant about this phase of your trading career?
    There was one significant difference between my first trade and the first trades of most new
    speculators. The difference was that I had studied the markets and paper traded for eight years before I
    made my first trade.

    Tell us about the beginnings of your trading?
    For my first trade, I bought 5,000 bushels of soybeans on a breakout of a triple top after a rising bottom
    on an intraday point-and-figure chart. About fifteen minutes later, I exited the trade with a profit of $950
    and actually began calculating how much money I'd be making at $950 every fifteen minutes. It hasn't
    always been that easy.
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