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Discussion in 'Trading' started by lunartic, May 19, 2008.

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    Keep alert fellow traders as the Full Moon is due tomorrow morning at 2:11 AM. I suspect the lunacy will begin in Europe and filter through to the North American sessions as the day progresses. I will be staying up all night to witness it. Things have already been a little crazy today.

    Watch your trading methodologies closely for confirmations of directional moves. Those tradeables that have been in congestion may break out and those in trends may begin reversals tommorrow.

    I am closely watching the US long bonds, Euro futures and the S&P. This could be the beginning of a long-standing directional move.

    My initial interpretation is:

    Bonds will move down
    S&P will move up strongly.
    Euro will move down.

    Of course, I will go with the cycle that presents itself and not fight a higher power.
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    I am also seeing a major reversal in oil and natural gas. It is time my friends, it is time. The gods have spoken.
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    Well... I tried to stay up. Made it until 1:36 AM, just a few minutes before the Northern Hemisphere Full Moon at 2:11. Then I fell asleep until 4:30 AM. Oh well.


    So far the euro has made a nice move, but not in the direction I guessed. The up move started in Asia and I went with it but these cycle days are full of false moves and craziness.

    One reason that I thought the cycle may be down this phase is that there was a huge amount of (what appeared to be selling volume in the FXE (Euro Currency Trust ETF). Over 2.8M shares traded on 5/13 and based on the spread that day I suspected there may be sellers dominating. Figured this was the biggies moving out of the EURO. Anyway the volume spreads and size on the EC indicated the price was heading up and as of now it is. If we do continue up with the EURO futures move, then I have the target just shy of 1.58 with a consolidation around the the 1.5694 level first. Staying long for now.

    US Bonds look poised to move up nicely also but too early to tell.

    North American session coming up and I suspect we will make some moves today.

    The yellow bars on the the chart below are the full moon phases. Or at least as close as I can seem to get it with a calculation that is not plotted manually. If someone has a better way, please let me know. The green dots indicate buying volume and the red dots indicate selling volume.

    Good luck with your trading.

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    Here the surge in the FXE, looks like I could have interpreted wrong. Maybe everyone is piling in and EURO is headed to meet its structural goal of 1.65