Synchronizing Home & Office Computers

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  1. Is here a seamless/hassle free way for synchronizing two different computers.

    I am trying to avoid lugging my laptop from home to the office ech day and wish to get a new desktop/laptop for the office, but I don't want to deal with the chore of managing files on both computers. The iam is to have my docs on both computersto be identical.

    I don't have a computer network...but would think there should be some way to do this..perhaps via an online tool that will allow me to have the same files on both computers with the files on the computer #2 automatically updated after revisions on computer #1. Also I would like to be able to create a file on computer #1 then have it automatically copied to #2.

    Is this possible? Or am I just in dreamland?

  2. I guess this is a problem a lot of people have.

    For me the solution is to use google mail & calendar rather than outlook. Then, for other files, I have a portable hard drive and regularly use superflexible synch (see below) - synching PC1 to portable drive to PC2. It's not ideal.

    I've thought of using web storage such as (see below) rather than portable drive and using superflex synch's automated synching - but I would need to rent extra storage and decided it was not worth it.

    I'm hoping for more services (e.g. much talked about GDrive) to be developed that will make this easier & cheaper in the near future. (amongst) offer 2G (from memory) free storage, and more on subscription is very reliable synch sw that works with FTP or removable drive
  3. Well if you're on a Linux (or *nix) box it's as easy as using 'ssh' or an 'ssh' based program. Many of which are very freely available.

    If you're on Windows os, I don't exactly know, but I asume you'll need to spend in the order of $100+ for that type of application feature. There's some bs app advertised on tv.. ( ... I believe.

  4. Here, ssh is available on multiple platforms as opensource.
  5. The WSJ had a article about it a few weeks back...Here is the one they recomended

    Here it is, I found it for you.

    Q: I travel among three locations and I currently lug an eight-pound Dell laptop. I would like to change this to having "permanent" PCs (either Windows or Mac) at each of the three locations. What software can I use to keep them in sync?

    A: I recommend a product called FolderShare (, which is now owned by Microsoft, or a competing product called BeInSync ( Both do the job, though they differ. FolderShare can synchronize selected folders among groups of computers, including mixed groups of Windows and Macintosh computers. For instance, all the files in your My Documents folder on a Dell can be synchronized with all the files in the My Documents folder on an HP, or with all the files in the Documents folder on a Mac. But it doesn't synchronize contacts and calendar items in Microsoft Outlook. BeInSync doesn't work with Macs, but it does synchronize Outlook items, in a limited fashion.
  6. How much is it? I get curious when it says "Try it Free" and then you can't find a price for it...

    (QuantStudio comes to mind... thousands of $$$... ahh ha ha. Though I'm sure they don't have the audacity Anton does)
  7. KTM, I have no idea on the price. I use Logmein myself to transfer small files. Not that quick though. But, the files are usually small. If bigger, I just use a flash drive.
  8. thanks, private island?

    Where's the island??

  9. Just came across this:

    "Free remote backup is finally here! Download and install Mozy to ensure your data is safely backed up at a secure, remote location."
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