SYNA takes a leak?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Huge put volume traded on SYNA at 3:30 today.

    Stock crushed in AH on earn.

    Lucky guess?
  2. StockSky


    I got out this afternoon
  3. Donkell


    Do you mind telling me where you got what appears to be very update options info.
    I too use options as part of guide to trade. But most of mine is at least half day old.

  4. NoDoji


    The higher they climb the harder they fall. Watch for signs of support because with a 60% short interest, the bounce should be decent.
  5. I went long SYNA today into the close. ( I may add in AH or on Monday into weakness)

    Appears to me the stock was simply pounded on way more than the guidance justified.

    Granted the stock may have been a little higher than some to start out with but the PE was nothing crazy either.

    I don't go long stocks very often but this one appears to have a good risk vs reward ratio for me.

    A stock that has a reasonable PE, large short interest and goes into panic selling seems to be worth looking at from my point of view.
  6. NoDoji


    I think it's a very strong long at this price. I totally forgot about it while trading today and had no idea it fell so far.