Symptom of Overtrading?

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    I attached a gif of today's P&L 09/03/03 at close of trading day. What I wanted to know is how many of you end up holding back and forth this many securities during the day? I felt like I overtraded today. I had 20 round trips all in all. Thanks.

    I traded
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    mental exhaustion is a symptom of over trading.
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    The first symptoms of over trading is LOSING MONEY!:(

    from that P/L you do not have that problem. Trade On:D

    Personally, I do about 3 round trips a day in one future.
  4. Harry,

    Your question is confusing.

    First of don't say how many trades your normally do in comparison to today's trades.'s impossible for us to know if you have overtraded. posted a P/L image...

    what does that have to do with your question about if you overtraded???

    Secondly...overtrading has nothing to do with your profits or losses.

    Harry, answer this question and you'll have your answer...

    For many roundtrip trades did you average per trading day last month or quarter??? that to your number of roundtrip trades today.

    You'll have your answer.

  5. Harry123


    I never once mentioned that overtrading had to do with being profitable or at a loss during any given day. You simply assumed it and wrote that in your reply. Now answering your next question about how mnay round trips I do, I usually do about 10 round trips per day or 20 tickets. Lastly my post was about trading many different securities as a symptom of overtrading. Usually I don't trade 11 different securities in the same day. That was what I wrote about. If you need further clarification of my post please P'M. Thanks again for the response.
  6. Regardless,

    I know what you meant...

    and I still stand my answer.

    Why didn't you say in your initial post how many securities you normally trade or how many roundtrips you normally take...if you did...I missed it.

    No matter how you cut it...

    you still need to do a comparison to figure out if you overtraded or not.

    Seems like an easy question for you yourself to answer because you knew what your norm is...

    not us.

    Look at it this way...

    lets say...for example only...

    I did 3 roundtrip trades today in the ES...

    or lets say I did a trade in ES another in NQ and another in YM...

    can you tell me if I overtraded or not ???

    In addition...symtoms of overtrading may not be apparent via how many securities or roundtrips a trader does...

    it may come down to how you mentally feel by end of the trading day.

    For example only...If you traded 50 securities yesterday and felt mentally good by end of day...

    then today you trade only 10 securities and feel mentally exhuasted while knowing your norm is 25 securities...

    You could be mentally exhausted from yesterday's trading action that's having a residual affect on today's trading action.

    An analogy is this...have you ever pushed yourself too hard while exercising or doing a sporting event...

    far beyond what you normally do.

    You feel good by end of the exercise or event because your blood is still moving those enzymes or proteins that can cause pain...

    but the next day your extremely sore because your blood isn't pumping as much and your andreline level is back to normal...

    Yet...your so sore...that your require to take it easy for the next few days as your body gets rid of the lactic acid in the muscles...

    Trading is no different in comparison to the above.

    Also...thanks for providing additional info via saying I usually do about 10 round trips per day or 20 tickets...

    how many securities (which securities) do you normally trade per trading day???

    Hopefully this helps you to determine if your overtrading or not.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Your comment...I never once mentioned that overtrading had to do with being profitable...

    I never said that you said that.

    I made that reference because you posted your profit/loss statement and because of a comment by bobcathy1 about associating overtrading with LOSING MONEY.

  7. I agree with NihabaAshi on all of his points... moreover, what does posting a snapshot P&L statement have to do with overtrading?

    Perhaps the whole thread was merely an attempt at self-aggrandizement, using an unrelated topic (namely, "overtrading") as a vehicle to achieve such self-aggrandizement through posting a real (or, indeed, fictitious) positive P&L...
  8. Harry123


    Now Candle what kind of response is that? Do you think that I would be someone to sit on EliteTrader and post over 4 posts per day in order to have a 3000+ post count so I can sound official and act as though I'm an authority on every subject? Actually what I put that post up there was for what I wrote down..over trading. Assume what you wish I trade for a living I dont have time to sit on EliteTrader and post 4 posts per day every single day for 2 years. I post when I have free time not to fullfill fantasies of being a great trader.
  9. Your highly defensive and deflective post and your failure to address the rational points made by NihabaAshi says it all, dear Harry... it is becoming apparent that you are simply an incarnation of one of the usual trolls here... perhaps you will take the opportunity to prove otherwise, by addressing each of the excellent points made by NihabaAshi, thereby bringing the thread that you have initiated to some semblence of civility?...
  10. Harry123


    Basically to address the reply made by NihabaAshi

    I trade about 400 trades per month. That would equal 200 round trips per month and 10 round trips per day. However, I usually focus on a select group of stocks during the day and do not going back and forth all over the place on 11 different stocks in one day as I did today. Lastly I also have other accounts that I hold for longer periods of time on a swing trading basis 1-2 weeks tops. In my opinion I overtraded and I mentally felt that.

    Now as for you Candle, I have read through your last 50 posts/replies just now on different subjects, I find it quite odd that the majority of them were antagonistic remarks off the subject goading the original poster. Then when that poster defends himself in a discreet and much nicer manner you come back with the "see this guy is a "troll" response. You have done this to so many people on this board it is frightening that you have not been pulled off the board for creating a mess of Elite Trader.

    Thanks for the responses NihabaAshi, bobcathy and lundy they were very helpful. As for Candle I can't even see where you actually came in to thread and addressed my post..all you did was start firing a gun at me. What makes yous even reply this way? Why can't you just pass on the thread on if you have nothing to say about the topic instead of provoking the main posters of threads all the time? I find it highly offensive and it says alot about you and whether you come back to this thread to post a response to this reply (which will only prove me right even further). I will not address you again in this thread.
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