Symbol on IB of the big SP contract traded on Globex

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by nitro, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. nitro


    Would someone tell me what the symbol for the big SP contract that trades electronically only in the evening session on Globex using Interactive Brokers TWS?

  2. They use SPX as symbol, when you use "Underlying Mode".
    Should be "SPH4", when you use "Symbol Mode".
  3. saxon


    Hmm...didn't know you could trade the big S&P contract through IB at ANY time of day.

    Is this something new?

  4. I didn´t say that you can trade SP through them.
  5. ktm


    Right. You can see quotes but IB does not allow trading of the big contracts.
  6. nitro


    Thanks for the replies.

    Hmmmm, the symbol SP does not work on IB. What is interesting is that _it_does_ trade on Globex at night, and yet you are saying that it cannot be traded thru IB.

    BTW, I cannot even get the symbol up to display quotes. I will give them a call.


    nitro :(
  7. SPX > Future > Mar > 2004

    I'm getting quotes on it, and it seems to be accepting orders, my sell at 1159.00 was in queue.

  8. ktm



    What time did you try it? You don't get quotes during the day - I think within 15 mins of the pit opening.

    I asked about trading it and their reason was that since it was pit traded during day hours (and IB is all-electronic), that IB would not allow customers to enter into contracts that they may not be able to exit during the day.

    That makes sense. I am still hoping the big contract goes electronic soon and IB picks it up.
  9. nitro


    :cool: nitro :cool:
  10. nitro



    thanks, riskarb spelled out...

    U think IB will ever offer pit traded comtracts? :eek:

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