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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Urkel, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Urkel


    Does anyone know what the symbol for gold is on CQG? I tried using the search function but cant seem to get it up.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Prefix Code Description Exchange Contract Size
    US ZO 100oz Gold -- e-CBOT e-CBOT 100 fine troy oz.
    US GC Gold -- COMEX COMEX 100 troy oz.
    US GCA Gold -- COMEX/ACCESS COMEXA 100 troy oz.
    US GI Goldman Sachs Commodity Index -- CME CME USD250 x Index
    US GD Goldman Sachs Commodity Index -- GLOBEX GLOBEX USD250 x Index
    US YG Mini Gold -- e-CBOT e-CBOT 33.2 fine troy oz.
  3. Urkel


    Is the COMEX gold contract the one which is most traded?

  4. yes ... comex is still the primary market ... for gold

    currently the lead month traded is FEB 2006

    you can however trade during the day and I guess overnight CBOT electronic gold in mini 1/3 size and also full size ( compared to COMEX sizing on each contract ) there can be higher slippage using cbot
    contract compared to comex contract when the market makers get hit with too much size
    ( this does not happen that often though )

    I am not sure if using stops with limits works on
    this contract as I have never tried this approach
  5. Truff


    In the future when looking for a symbol in CQG, click on the help button on top then scroll down and hit "symbol list". It give a very detailed list of all the products with symbols, size, and where they trade.
  6. Urkel