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  1. just as a point of interest, SYMC's one of my everyday stocks i trade... i just realized this sucker just recently made an all time high...
    a new all time high for a tech do ya like that...
  2. omcate


    The quality of their software is pretty. Not a lot of companies that has been dumped from Nasdaq 100 can rejoin the index. SYMC is one of them.

    :p :p :p
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    Actually I am not at all impressed with their software. In fact, IMHO they have average to poor quality control. This is indicative of a company that is not investing in improving their products and IMHO this is symptomatic of larger internal problems. Their short term turnaround is admirable: I would be concerned about their vulnerability to competition longer term.

    The whole software sector - with a few notable exceptions - is comparable to SYMC. Generally, they have undermined their product lines by excessive cutting of their engineering budgets. Most of the software sector is now selling commodity product lines. The few that are actually working non-trivial R&D for non-commodity new products will be the winners - and these can be counted on one hand.