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    This stock is tagged with a "Financial Status: E" on the quote window .... (Delinquent: Issuer missed regulatory filing deadline)

    Is this a big deal? How the hell can SYMC miss a filing deadline? I mean this is not some boiler-room operation.
    I've never seen this before. Is there a problem there?
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    OK, nevermind. I found it.

    Symantec Receives Notification of Deficiency from Nasdaq Related to Delayed Annual Report on Form 10-K

    Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) today received a standard notice from Nasdaq stating that, as a result of not having timely filed its annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended March 30, 2018, Symantec is not in compliance with Nasdaq Listing Rule 5250(c)(1), which requires timely filing of periodic financial reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    The Nasdaq notice has no immediate effect on the listing or trading of Symantec’s common stock on the Nasdaq Global Select Market. Under Nasdaq’s listing rules, Symantec has 60 calendar days from the date of the letter to submit a plan to regain compliance. If the plan is accepted by Nasdaq, Symantec can be granted an exception of up to 180 calendar days from the original due date of the Form 10-K, or until November 26, 2018, to regain compliance. Symantec expects to submit a plan to regain compliance or file its Form 10-K within the timeline prescribed by Nasdaq.


    ahhh... the plot thickens...
    hmmmm.... buying opportunity?
    How bad could it be?
    6.5 Billion in market-cap? I think not.
    Buy buy buy! :sneaky:

    State below in reasonable detail why Forms 10-K, 20-F, 11-K, 10-Q, 10-D, N-SAR, N-CSR, or the transition report or portion thereof, could not be filed within the prescribed time period.
    Symantec Corporation (the “Company”) does not expect it will be able to timely file its Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended March 30, 2018 (the “Form 10-K”). The Audit Committee of the Company’s Board of Directors has commenced an internal investigation in connection with concerns raised by a former employee. The Audit Committee has retained independent counsel and other advisors to assist it in its investigation. As a result, the Company has not finalized its financial statements pending completion of the investigation, and the Company is not in a position to file its Form 10-K until after the Audit Committee completes its internal investigation and the Company’s independent public accountants assess the conclusions of the Audit Committee in connection with their audit of the Company’s annual financial statements included in the Form 10-K. The Audit Committee continues to work diligently with its independent counsel and advisors to complete its internal investigation as soon as possible.
    The Company has voluntarily contacted the Securities and Exchange Commission to advise it that an internal investigation is underway, and the Audit Committee intends to provide additional information to the SEC as the investigation proceeds. The investigation is in its early stages and the Company cannot predict the duration or outcome of the investigation.

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