Sykes Makes Oprah

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  1. 1. He was on Oprah and Friends on XM Satelite radio.

    2. Oprah herself was not on the show.

    3. Sykes phoned in the interview, so technically he wasn't even on the show.

    When in all the world when somesome said, "Did you hear who was on Oprah today, did you ever think they meant, Oprah and Friends on XM Satelite radio.

    Good for the guy to make the radio show, but come on, it really isn't the same as "being on oprah" now is it?

    - Spydertrader
  2. ok.

    however, he was on the show--- calling in is still being on the show--most radio talk show guests are not in the studio, regardless of what you see on howard stern.

  3. BSAM


    I watched an Oprah show one day. Does this count for anything?
  4. No "real" men watch or listen to oprah's show, so trusting that no one here caught it :D
  5. That guy is nothing more than a snake oil parasite.

    As a headline (college kid takes 12k to $1.2 million in 3 years) it looks impressive....and I give him credit for doing it.

    HOWEVER.....anyone who traded in an office back then ('98-'01) can tell you stories of literally dozens of guys who did the same thing (and some did much much better).

    Look at his track record over the last 5 years...the guy has lost money!!!!

    P.S.-- What is "Oprah Radio"? Never even heard of it.
  6. How much are you getting paid to be a shill?