Sykes is Writing for "Real Money"?????

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  1. this reminds me of 1999 -2000. There was this radio biz show with a guy running money in So. Florida, and everyday he would recommend the same tech names over and over no matter how high they'd go. I remember telling my bride I needed to get out, because I just didn't understand the game anymore.

    About six months later, the guys on CNBC. They post his "picks" as in nose picks I guess, because they were all down 66% and such. I remember seeing the numbers, and Liz Clayman says, "well Dan, what do you like now?"

    Ah, the more things change.
  2. I've been playing these wild swings in smallcaps for nearly a decade, I believe I have the battle-tested experience to be able to write about what I know. Do you disagree with me that CHNR is going to be a good short soon?
  3. ramora


    When is 'soon'? Is that like someday? or tomorrow? What broker executes on 'soon'?

    I see now,

    SELL 10000 CHNR SOON

    To learn how to execute SOON you need to buy the DVD...
  4. Nothing personal, but bottom line is that it's unethical to tell people how to trade given the circumstances. If you're advice is that good, just take it yourself for a while and put up some great numbers. If you're successful enough then your drawdown will look like a blip.
  5. Much easier to tell some other clown to buy that airball.

    Whole world is full of folks passing the risk on to the OTHER shmuck, or haven't you noticed.
  6. I don't know how soon--I judge everything based on price action. Right now, it looks like it could surge higher, especially if it doesn't start to fade before Friday afternoon. The key is to wait for sideways price action (after the stock turns slightly negative) and then a quick fade. Should be an easy $3-$6/share on the short side within a few hours
  7. Tim, Thanks for agreeing to start your trading journal here at ET!
    It will establish your credibility with the trading community by allowing everybody to follow all your trades real-time.

    Will your trading journal thread be up and running by this weekend?
  8. It'll be up as soon as I get through all the paperwork of closing my fund and opening individual accounts. But don't worry, once I see the price action in CHNR that I think will signal lower prices, I'll be sure to post so you can judge me from that for now
  9. Tim,
    Looks like the thread is already started for you(to save you time), so please enter those recent picks and the rough entry prices!!

    Thanks again!

    what a loser :D
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