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  1. I enjoyed the interview. I will buy your book in the near future.
  2. Can I read it when you're done?
  3. Can I sell it on when you're finished?
  4. Yes of course. Books are like empty beer cans, I toss 'em. I think I have 10 out of an easy hundred I've bought. Come to think of it, I probably wrote 10,000 pages of my own market thoughts and tossed them too. I toss everything, I'm just a tossing fool.:D
  5. I'm just kidding. If I wanted to read trash, I'd get a Jaquelin Susanne novel, whatever thehell that is.
  6. Do you toss salad with syrup or jelly?
  7. Somehow I knew I was setting myself up. :D
  8. It was to hard to resist.
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