Sykes, BnB & Whacko Sponsor Repellants

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  1. Before the next Timothy Sykes or BnB Analytics comes across ET, pays their month's fee and spams ET to kingdom come,

    Could you just limit sponsorships to their signature line and an expected mode of behavior that prohibits 40 posts a day extolling the graces and genius of said sponsor, their press conferences, press releases and other megalomania?

    Don Bright is an example of how a sponsor SHOULD act. These other ones turns ET into a flea circus. Tell the sponsor that if they spam the forum, they will lose the rest of their paid sponsorship period. (Put that into the agreement). That should dissuade SOME of the Sykotics...
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    don bright rocks.
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    I'm not making this post to defend Sykes (who I've heard from a good friend of mine is actually a nice person...though I have never bet him), and certainly not BnB who I think is an idiot..but most sponsors here who post get slammed and people think its the worst thing to ever happen to ET. Go look at what Don had to put up with when he first started posting here.

  4. Most sponsors deserve what they get. We get a regular stream of 5 post idiots like the PAL pushing fruitcake,

    After what we saw from Sykes, he is not actually a nice person. He crapped all over everyone's peaceable use of this place, and fanned a lot of rage
  5. So pretty much like your own conduct here.

  6. I am glad you are never controversial. You suffer from an inability to see many dozens of threads where longterm ETers begged for Baron to extract spammers.

  7. Take someone like myself. I have added much to the ET community through many constructive threads such as "Black Monday" and other threads bashing Jim Cramer. Sponsors should be expected to take the high ground as I have done on ET.
  8. Yes, that's been very helpful.

    The frightening part is, you probably thought that bashing Cramer actually represents a positive contribution.

    At least you're not as bad as that idiot who has been starting 20 threads about PAL and then actually started a separate whine thread when half of ET told him to fuck off and die.
  9. Yes, your call of a top in gold was one of your more memorable contributions :)

    Seriously, why have you disappeared from your thread? We're all wondering what happened to you. The least you could do would be to go in there and admit you made an absurd call of a top in an instrument that showed no fundamental or technical reasons for topping.
  10. I dont remember your threads, but you are correct. Sponsors can either add to the common knowledge or harrass us with self-proclaiming grandiose.

    The concept of "put them on ignore" only papers over the general noise of this place. Their threads still appear in the, and you still see the reaction of others against their spamming tactics.

    Paying a fee should not entitle people to shove their product up our noses. It should only entitle them to build a brand, hopefully with the decorum that some sponsors display. But there is no place for Sykotics...
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