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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by JonnyT, Sep 13, 2002.

  1. JonnyT


    Im looking for other traders (Day, Swing, Trend, Stocks, Options, Commdities, etc.......) in the Sydney area interested in disecting the markets in unison.

    Currently I daytrade futures on the American and European markets.

    Email me at if you would like a free lunch.


  2. what are the trading hours for US markets in Sidney? I heard it's really beautiful there.
  3. many yrs ago ...

    for a few days and then flew to surfers paradise and hung out there for a few days

    next time I will take my laptop and trade "downunder"

  4. graeco

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    The US stockmarkets must open about midnight in Sydney?
    Do you have a broadband internet connection?Are you happy with it?I think in NZ the local telcos charge according to how many kb's you send/recieve on the international connection.It must be expensive to trade there.
  5. m22au


    April to October - 11:30pm to 6am
    October to April - 1:30am to 8am

  6. Oh my !
  7. JonnyT


    The hours are pretty tough, although I must say I am more of a midnight owl than an early riser so it suits me fine.

    m22au had the Sydney trading hours nailed.

    The internet is OK here speed wise but yes there are limits on downloads so the cost can rise. Thing is I dont have anything else to compare it to so its a one sided opinion. (I still remember travelling through asia where in some internet cafe's 56Kb was considered cable)

    I put myself through this because compared to the US the Aussie markets are like watching SLOW grass grow, where a move of around 1% of the index is considered high volatility.

    And yes Sydney is one beautiful city.


  8. graeco

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    Those lucky aussies get to sleep in for a whole six months.
  9. m22au


    Jonny is right, Sydney is a great city, and being from Melbourne, that's hard to admit :)

    Jonny, I'm using dialup myself, but thinking about getting ADSL or cable soon. Who is your ISP? How long have you been trading the US futures for?

  10. Get Optus Cable man...i had that shit in when i lived in Melb. Best broadband in Aus.
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