Sydney Prop firms?

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  1. Hi there I know i have asked this before but does anyone know any prop style firm in Sydney? I want to be doing asian time trading as well?

    Any help much appreciated I know Swift Trade are coming to town which maybe an option but does anyone know any others?

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    I know Matt O'Brien who used to be a refco/marex trading manager went down to sydney to help run a prop arcade, they trade local stuff and eurex through singapore. Not sure what the name of the firm is, but it does exist
  3. Matt works for Propex
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    just wanted to bump this thread and see if anyone knows if there are any prop shops/arcades in sydney with access to the aussie exchange and some of the asian future markets?

    cheers for any info or replies
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    Actually just found one the propex website as previous googles came up with nothing, if anyone else is interested
  6. Does anybody have any experience with Propex in Sydney?

    Anybody been for an interview?

  7. I contacted them awhile ago. Passed on their offer as the max drawdown was tiny (only $A20k). You could go above the max draw if you make good with your own money (via retained profits in your a/c, they won't let you deposit money) which defeats the whole purpose of prop trading.

    Futures prop is only good if you are starting out/have no money, or if you are experienced but don't have the balls to take even nominal risk with your own $.
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    Any idea how many traders were there? which markets does Propex give access to?
  9. Strath


    The principal there has very strong risk management controls after having being in the business for many years. He can be very tough, and I mean very tough but he is also fair at the same time

    It is advisable that any one who goes there or accepts a position that that person must have a strong character and strong mind! Enough said.
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    Just curious, what do you mean by strong risk management?

    From Propex's website, their name is Propex Derivatives. Hence I'll assume they trade futures and options.

    Is strong risk management in terms of delta, gamma, vega (greeks), or is it in how tight your stop losses/take profit are set, or is it in terms of how many open positions you can have overnight, max number of open interest in a particular company etc?

    I really hope to find out more about this company and how they trade etc.

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