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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by DT1, Jul 17, 2003.

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    Hi all,

    When I log on Stock Watch Pro I get the following error message: "You have been logged off because the same account has logged onto a different IP address"

    I am not logged on another machine. Does somebody know how to solve this issue? Crontech site seems to be frozen...

    Thanks for your help,
  2. Are you using it with livecharts or qcharts?

    Don't know if it's correct, but there's a rumor that Quote.com plugged the hole that allowed people to use third party software with only a livecharts account.
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    I used it with LiveCharts. Please let me know if this is for real. I sent an email to SWP and I am still waiting for an answer.

  4. I wouldn't count on much help from SWP support. After months of a buggy and crashing program I gave up. My understanding is I wasn't the only one.
  5. I demo'ed the software and had nothing but problems accessing the Livecharts feed.

  6. They are supposed to come out with an Esignal feed version very soon..

    Who knows?
  7. DT1


    I got this answer from them: "
    download a new version of ContinuumClient.dll from http://www.crontech.com/swp/ContinuumClient.dll and overwrite the existing version of this file in C:\ProgramFiles\CronTechnologies\Stock Watch Pro 2.0 folder."

    I did this and it works fine now.

    I would not recommand SWP for daytrading but for swingtrading it is fine. Realtime charts and scans for 50$, I think it is a good value for money.

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    Once again I canno't log on SWP
  9. DT1


    Answer from SWP support : "Quote.com just changed their policy. They now require QCharts Basic subscription ($79.95/month) to use third party applications. "

  10. klev


    I've been using it with QCharts Basic all along and it works fine. I understand that it costs more this way but it's still well worth the price. And I keep hearing rumors about offering Esignal as another data feed...
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