Swoopo - Will it Overtake Ebay? (this sh*t is like crack cocaine)

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  1. i just signed up last night and lost $100 and walked away with nothing........looks like a new form of gambling


    i wasted like 2 hours on that damn site last night too trying to hit the bid each time there were a few seconds left.........closed my account there
  2. whenn theres no other bidders .their software will bid untill the price is right:D
  3. never use the bid butler........i used it on 3 items, 40 bids each.......and the damn butler used up all 40 of my bids withing a minute and price didn't even move not even $1

    if an item sells for $40 - tha'ts 4000 bids and $2400 for swoopo.........and the only way for u to get the item is to sit in front of the computer for hours and hit bid bid bid bid bid bid each time the countdown nears zero

    an auction with 10 seconds left can go on for hours and days as each bid resets the clock

    swoopo will make bank though......i'd buy the ipo
  4. sprstpd


    The whole premise of this website seems to be idiotic. It will only work if there are lots of stupid people out there to use it. Oh wait, it will probably work.
  5. Looks like a hose deal...
  6. pspr


    That's stupid.
  7. tortoise


    It costs $.60 each time you BID?!

    Who runs this thing? Pete Defazio?
  8. nkhoi

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    so it costs you money even thought you don't win? no deal!!!
  9. Tide31


    Complete sham. A $1799 Mac ProBook sold for $35.86. The site took in $2200 from bidders bidding it up in penny increments. It's a German site, illegal to German residents who are protected from it because it is considered gambling.
  10. Illum


    Can't see it lasting too long, even stupid people will realize at some point they are being had. Good idea for whoever set it up, robbing people blind, lol.
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