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  1. there is nothing new on the news feeds/....
  2. When you trade in parabolas, "this" is what sometimes happens.

    Note the gap to be filled.

    What you do is YOUR business, but I'd suggest exiting and learning from it with no more tuition.

    Cigarette paper is a tidy little business, but the world in general discourages smokers. ROE is little light relative to what it should be. Inside ownership is scant.

    News? News is for amateurs. Price leads news, not the other way around.

    As for you munchkins fascinated with short selling, you now have a candidiate AFTER a failed re-test.
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  3. Attached is another chart of the last month and a half. Using displaced moving averages and a very simple oscillator.

    One of these days I'm going to have to get around to writing a dissertation on losing professionally. I guess what's preventing me is the ratio of effort to gain. I have nothing to gain from it.

    Once again, instead of dwelling on non-existent or irrelvelant news I'd suggest a gracious exit and...............rather than forgetting it, learn from it.
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  4. Dustin


    Efficiency that was almost as useful as a Hershey response. You are applying TA to this???

    There was earnings and patent infringement news...crazy move.
  5. what are you smoking???

    i was talking about intraday movement.
    its not normal.

    this is trading - not chart-browsing.

    i was just wondering if anyone heard anything - cuz my newswires were quiet.

    news came already - later - with some sillyness.
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  6. I'm not smoking anything.

    Intra-day. Yep. Started with a gap down (with alibi) and 22 points of volitility.

    Yeah, not normal. Implies MORE participants making decsions than usual. And a l few more completely uninformed ........eh.................seeking news. Explanations, excuses, fluff. Price tells you everything you need to know.


    Pssst, why not ask Jimmy Olsen? Whoosh, I'll bet that went right over YOUR head.

    The real question is did YOU make a lick of this volatilty? Or.... lose stemming from the volatility, or just................eh..............chart browser?

    Empahsis on "just"
  7. Wow, I thought I was the biggest a$$hole on ET.

  8. forget it.

  9. Jack or chocolate?

    Yep sure am applying tits & ass to this.

    1. Parabola conducive to down drafts.

    2. Unfilled gap points ago but recent in terms of time.

    3. Very simple oscillator crossed zero days ago.

    4. Basic moving averages clustered now spreading.

    What's not easy to discern is WHEN the ax makes his move (with another gap). Safe to assume he was short on the open and since shorted and covered several times with the volaility/participants.

    Patent infringment? How long has Rambus been dinking with theirs?

    EPS. I'm going to save that for another day.

  10. Cute little one-liner.

    Awww did I hurt your feelwin's? Or is it more of a matter YOU can't communicate effectively?

    I'm hardly a chart browser. In contrast, it appears you browse for pithy little news items.

    You also neglected to answer my question : Did ..........YOU..........capitalize on this?

    Relax, I already know the answer.

    One-liners are what children do. They're also instructed NOT to take candy from strangers. Hmmm. I guess "news" could serve as candy, eh?
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