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    Still looks good. Decent fundamentals and chart is shaping up. Looks like it should pick up since it might be in the right sector.
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    Nice move over the last week. Up over a dollar with a little news out today. http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/060327/skyworks_solutions_mover.html?.v=1

    A lot of shorts. Expectations will most likely be exceeded. It might run away from here but not too likely unless it gets looked at as a takeout target by MOT(guess) or somebody trying to own the whole foodchain.
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    Up another dollar with Cramer now pumping. Looks like this sector is part of the next leg for the dow & S&P. The indexes keep trudging thanks to sector balance.
  4. SWKS

    Nice Long term from 3.8
    But these days seems Like a correction coming up for 2 months

    I could be wrong tho
  5. slickman


    The sector was downgraded by somebody today, early. Can't remember who. Seems like somebody trying to be smart and way out ahead of a curve. I'm short the 7.5 puts for Jan '08 and the contracts were all sold for 2.55 to 2.45/contract. Pity so much negativity is still built in because those contracts are still 1.7 to buy back last time I checked.

    FUNdamentals haven't mattered for 2 years or so but that and the sector were what grabbed me on top of a couple analyst upgrades back in January.