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    any traders from Switzerland?
  2. NO but I'd like to be.:)

    How is the infrastructure(regulation, high speed access) for trading over there? I assume it's great.
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    it's great... Swiss living quality is among the highest in europe. Everything is clean, everything works.. social system, economy, medical system, public transportation, well.. where should I start.

    Two disadvantages are here... the economic market is less dynamic than in the US. As a result everything is more expensive and takes a while until there is some competition.
    And today the weather sucks... well because of the Alps it rains a lot here.

    and there are very very few private traders... and Day Trading has a very bad reputation.

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    are you in la suisse romande ?

    i spent some time in Zug during the late 80s ... there was a considerable number of daytraders even in those days.


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    I'm in Bern.

    well Zug is like the financial Center of Switzerland because the Taxes are very low there.

    do you know if there is some sort of meeting place of them? I know one trader near Zug that trades the Coffe markets.

    most people I met that are daytrading don't understand much about what they do... they are mostly very rich and do it for the enjoyment.
    I know of about a 100 daytraders here... on 7'000'000 inhabitans. I'm sure there must be more somewhere...
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    is Marc Rich still playing the oil markets in Zug/Cham/Baar ... after Bill Clinton pardoned him ?
  7. MR is still big. But not particularly in oil... But nevertheless playing big, especially considering his age...

    Here in the Zurich area, there are loads of private traders, but most with a focus on Swiss stocks or Currencies...

    However, the number of index futures traders is also increasing over here... all providing liquidity ;-)
  8. I think the South of Switzerland (Locarno area) is one of the most beautiful region in Europe. How difficult is it to immigrate to Switzerland for a self supporting person (like a succesful private trader) ?
  9. From what I have read it is next to impossible to obtain Swiss citizenship. Perhaps the best way is to acquire/lease property and spend several months of the year there.
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    I'm not a professional in immigration... but all I know that it takes years and a lot of references. It's not like on the bahamas to buy some propriety and then you are a citizen. I think the easiest way to do that is to mary a swiss woman :cool:
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