Switzerland -Zurich Social - March 2010

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    Hi All,

    I am living and working in zurich as a trader and wondering if anyone involved in trading would like to meetup for a drink and a chat. I notice that there arent to many prop traders here and i think it would be good to have a get togther. All thats needed is a good attitude.

    Im thinking about sometime in march so please let me know so i can get an idea of how many will attend.

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  3. Depending on when in March I would be willing to go...

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    I think it wil be be in a couple/few weeks. At present i have myself and a colleague interested and a few people i know who trade commodities here.. my idea is not to have 50 people turn up but about 10 as then everyone can really get to know each other.

    the plan is to keep it relaxed and social and let everyone just enjoy.

    at present, im thinking of places to meet thats not to stiff and not to shabby at the same time.

    ideas are

    Rossli bar
    Bodega Espanole
    Helyy Bar
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    just too say, its open to visitors from abroad as well if you are here on holidays or whatever,

    presently i have these locals who are flex on date

    myself - prof energy and fx trader- commodities house
    colleague(*2) same
    neil - softs commodities trader at another commodity house
    paul - fx trader - bank
    chris - hedge fund mgr- commodities
    tom - chairman of fund of funds
    X - private trader
    Arnold - emissions trader- commodites hose

    i think it should be limited to about 12 or so as i tihnk huge groups are not the best way to go
  6. Why not organise it as a Junto, meeting every quarter, maybe Quadruple/Triple Witching Week (Wed/Thurs) ? Throw in a couple of colourful characters, interesting guest speaker/topic and should be great night !!!:cool:
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    NAHH.. its a social.. idea is to meet and talk about whatever... maybe a bit of trading and everything else as well..

    just want it to go where it goes.. thats the fun i guess
  8. Ok so when do we meet?

    I might be able to convince a fixed income trader friend to come along.


  9. If possible please avoid March 24 to 26. I will be in London on business.


  10. onava


    Sure, I will try and make it a date everyone is available
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