Switzerland WILL Win Over The Hedge Fund Business

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  1. moarla


    No. And you get special tax treaties...
  2. Why give big $ to the UK and US losers....when one can
    live in the highest quality region of the world....????

    A natural win win....
  3. ..............................

    You live in the Alps ?

    Could you elaborate a little more ....regarding
    those who may want to make the move ?

    Thank you
  4. moarla


    1 ) you cant work in the switzerland (you can have companys outside thats ok)
    2) you manage only your money, assets (so for a trader ideal)

    then you can choose the special tax regime:

    you are taxed on a calculated living standard that you have for example:

    a) if you rent a appartment, then calculate your annual rental x5 (20.000 x 6 = 120.000)
    and on that you pay income tax (it varies from canton to canton but not more than 30%) TAX = 36.000
    numbers are only to show example

    b) if you buy a house/app, then a theoretical rent is 5% of the value, that x5 and on that you pay tax
    5.000.000 > 5% = 250.000 x 5 = 1.250.000 TAX = > 30% 375.000

    all the rich formula1 drivers are living there
    many company owners from all europe also.
    would be much more to tell, sory for my bad english :)

    BTW: Switzland has all you need, wonderfull place, center of Europe, but no sea :) (but many beautiful lakes)
  5. AK100


    The Swiss won't let any old jackass in which counts out 99% of the members here.

    Including me :)

  6. Thank you
  7. moarla


    well all members of the european union can go there without any permission. and without passport control...

    maby you are used to how USA treatens his visitors... fucking shit i can tell you ..
    but not so in Switzerland
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