Switzerland Imports Russian Gold for First Time Since Invasion

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    (Bloomberg) -- Switzerland imported gold from Russia for the first time since the invasion of Ukraine, showing the industry’s stance toward the nation’s precious metals may be softening.

    More than 3 tons of gold was shipped to Switzerland from Russia in May, according to data from the Swiss Federal Customs Administration. That’s the first shipment between the countries since February.


    32,000 oz/ton X $1840 X 3 = $176,640,000

    Looks like Vlad will be able to meet payroll for his army this month.
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  2. I wonder why he even bothers to pay. What could his foreign creditors do about it if he doesen't? Invade Russia?
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  3. I would expect this type of behaviour from China or India but not Switzerland.
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  4. %%
    IN SOME cases they do not pay ;
    but with a good 50%deposit+ cash on delivery[cod] could be win win.
    EVIL empire is openly known for breaking treaties ''like pie crusts''
    They do make good ammo, but not known for quality like SWISS, USa or Argentina ammo:caution::caution:
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    Lol, Switzerland didn't become very rich milking cows.
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    Switzerland has always been two-faced, enjoying European peace nicely surrounded by larger peaceful neighbours while trading with the enemy.
    They should be sanctioned for this.
  9. Enough with the sanctions...let people, countries, do what they personally want to do without having to feel like everyone is frowning on them. If it's beneficial for a country or company to do something, for them, then they should be allowed to make that decision to do business with someone.

    Switzerland...the land of expensive Swiss watches, chocolates, and expensive Big Macs, and high taxes. And of course, banks. and cheese.
    I've always...wanted to own a Patek Philippe minute repeater tourbillon watch. Best of the best, priciest of the priciest. Those things can costs 500K, or a million.
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    I smell right wing dung. Who needs a moral compass or ethical standards, right? If lefties want to fight racism, I want to fight for it.. why not? Putin isn't such a bad dictator after all, he's not a communist, he's one of us now!
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