Switzerland has the money

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  1. It is a very general concept world over that,

    If USA has arms, China has army, Russia has secrets, Japan has technology, France has fashion, Germans have machinery, Then its the Swiss who have the money.

    But what about Arab countries and India?
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    Can we please ban this moron? 80% of his posts are worthless. This belongs in chit-chat obviously, not economics.
  3. What happened? It is all about money/economics? Who has the money?
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    I have the money you fuckhead. My automated system doubles every two weeks, I sneaked up on the New World Order shitheads and took over, they didn't think it was possible, hee hee...
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    The US has 28x Switzerland's GDP, so no, Switzerland doesn't have "the money".
  6. There is some USA law which prevents USA residents from investing into Switzerland. In the absence of this law, USA money will fly/flow to Switzerland. When it comes to managing money Switzerland people are the best.
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    they are the world's best risk avoiding thieves and great at the cover up mode too... get a Swiss bank account, go back a few years later and find that fees that you didn't know about have drained it... try to get your gold back that Hitler took while you're at it... same shit different asset...

  8. lulz.
  9. World's money is deposited in Switzerland. There must be good reason for it. Everybody needs a Swiss bank account or Swiss investment company.
  10. Since how long does your automated system doubles every two weeks, 1 year, 2 years?
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