Switzerland, France and Germany all have zero medical bankruptcies.

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  1. Al Franken takedown on medical bankruptcies


    Woe is the fool who tries to argue healthcare with Senator Al Franken.
    In a clip that is currently in the top spot on DailyKos, Franken incisively takes down a right-winger on the issue of medical bankruptcies.

    First Franken totally clowns her by pointing out that Switzerland, France and Germany all have zero medical bankruptcies. He's about to let her off the hook when she foolishly tosses out a bogus statistic to try to save face, which is only an invitation for Franken to show her up again.

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  2. That was my favorite SNL clip.
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    Who is the hottie sitting behind that boob Al Franken?
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    I have always wondered the imbiciles that make statements like, "do you know what the rate of survival ____ in some foreign country is in comparison to the US?" This is meant to be some sort of comparison as to the superiority of US medecine and that this correlates strongly with our nearly out of control costs in the medical system?


    1) American Universities and Med schools are open to any that can pay and are accepted.

    2) American technology in the medical field is available for purchase by any nation willing to afford it.

    3) As far as I can tell, foreign doctors are able to do residency in the US.

    So, given the above three facts, why would American medecine be better than any other first world country? So if I go to France, they don't allow an MRI? Maybe American doctors have some secret training or potions that allow a sick person to live here more than in another country after getting sick? Cuba has the lowest infant mortaility rate, and they can't even afford to keep their lights on at night!

    Do people really fall for this crap?
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    The question people rarely ask is, if doctors can get rich by coming to America and practicing here, why don't more of them leave Germany, France, Switzerland, etc etc etc to become doctors in America?

    Perhaps it has to do with greed? Maybe many if not most of them go into medicine not to get rich, but because they love their work?

    I know scores of people in this country that go into medecine simply because it will make you rich. It makes no difference to them one way or the other anything else.

    This is the influence of the moron Ayn Rand that has poluted the thinking of scores of young people, that "...the moral justification of capitalism does not lie in the altruist claim that it represents the best way to achieve “the common good.”

    One day soon, people will begin to understand, without a sound moral base, Capitalism is doomed.
  6. I bet the dating scene in DC has to be unreal. Congress is probably one big Soap Opera.
  7. who is that hot girl left to the congresman? Man, she is hot.

  8. Couldn't have been due partially to global warming, could it?
    "As a consequence of the usually relatively mild summers, most people did not know how to react to very high temperatures (for instance, with respect to rehydration), and even most single-family homes and residential facilities built in the last 50 years were not equipped with air conditioning. Furthermore, while there are contingency plans for a variety of catastrophes and natural events, high heat had never been considered a major hazard and so such plans for heat waves did not exist at the time."
  9. In a Heat Wave, you have high temperatures. That is why its called a Heat Wave.

    Could you imagine if 75k Ameicans died in a Heat Wave which would be proportional to 15k based on our population being 5 times that of France?

    European health care is a joke. They can't even keep people from dying from the weather.
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