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  1. I was just looking over charts and holy crap... Fills are so much easier on the NQ.

    No need to try hassle over getting fills within a couple ticks of the bottom like is required on the ES...

    More natural price movement and trending...
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    Agree-it is a good contract :D
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    It is a good enough market for beginner as it is a sloppy market, very forgiving if you realize you were wrong and need to get out. But if you don't have ability, it is going to be the same like in any other market, you will lose. Slippage for bigger trader is real bad and you would swear HFT came in, but really could be a bigger trader getting out on stops.

    Most of the methods I have designed for this market is rather funny, All signals are generated on ES first and if NQ has approx same distance from like a moving average, entries are made. Cause this market is sloppy for me, patterns that would well for me in ES, can't even find half of them in NQ.

    Have fun.
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    Interesting post Handle. I actually see more signals on NQ than ES. Mostly on a 5 minute chart where stops are run,ie failed hammers etc.
  5. Regardless of patterns, considering only daily range, payoff multiple, tick size and initial margin, NQ has a higher ROI than ES.
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    I'll alert the media.
  7. LoL, I kind of noticed that before about the /NQ. I was actually planning on still keeping up my /ES charts to cross confirm in certain situations. Generally they trade pretty correlated most of the time, but sometimes they REALLY diverge.

  8. Look at my cross comparison of the ES and NQ...

    Both the same pattern basically, but the ES is generally cleaner.

    I use to use a composite of both the ES, NQ, and TF when trading on time charts to remove market noise. Not exactly possible with vol charts off the bat...

    I would have to program a way to integrate each tick each second from each future together to form the composite.

    Ill get to it someday probably...
  9. On to a more medium timeframe cross comparison...

    ES First...
  10. Vs the NQ...

    Same exact patterns pretty much. NQ has been a little cleaner on these kind of timeframes recently though it appears.

    Not sure who had the balls to buy into close on a Friday, but if you did... Odds are you'll be rewarded.
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