Switching to Interactive Brokers

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  1. I am considering a switch to interactive brokers for a swing trading account. The per share rates are much better than deep discount retailers like Zecco (which I am currently using). As a student under 26, it says I only need 3k to open an account. And that the inactivity fees are 3 dollars a month.

    Anyways, let me get to the point. Is Interactive Brokers better than Zecco? Are there any other fees I need to worry about? And can I trade odd sized share lots?
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    IB has a $10 per month market data fee for each month in which you have less than $30 in commissions. You can close odd lot positions but as I remember you cannot place opening odd lot orders. As for IB, I have had an account with IB for 12 years and consider IB to be the best of the best for many reasons.
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  4. IB has been charging me 14 dollars a month.
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    damn! what a rip off! :D :D :D
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    Can you itemize that $14? What is your account value? How much you pay for commission a month? What kind of market data you are subscribed to?
  7. Well it really does not matter, you will lose the 3K quickly in any brokerage firm. If you plan on daytrading/swingtrading 3K.