Switching to futures from stocks, can anyone recommend a reliable broker?

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  1. Im currently considering global futures, Velocity futures, and Advantage Futures. Velocity has some really good reviews, but being a FCM I'm not very sure I feel secure depositing a big chunk of cash with them. Can anyone provide some first hand knowledge of these brokers?

  2. Global Futures uses RCG and Pensen for their clearing.

    Another broker to look at is http://www.iepstein.com

    Of course Interactive Brokers (to trade it all, except NYBOT for the time being.)

    I am with IB, I do about 40 contract trades per day and am happy. Of course commissions could be cheaper.......

    I was recommended Iepstein by a vender as they support a software based platform with awesome features. (I was able to demo the platform...)

    They offer $1.00 + fees commissions. I'll be checking them out over the next few weeks....

    Example ES bundle with IB = $2.40
    ES with Iepstein = $2.31

    Was checking out Global Futures, but couldn't get any of the platforms to work for me... (except strategy runner) and it looked like crap.....
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    I always felt that FCMs have more credibility than IBs since in my mind they are backbone of the business. Besides I believe most of the time IBs instruct you to deposit funds to their respective FCM accounts anyway.
  4. thanks for the reply guys. I think i might out both velocity and IB, just don't feel too comfortable using a heavy java based platform like IB's
  5. Likewise I am uncomfortable with any windows based app as they tend to lock up too often for my taste...

    IB's TWS has been rock solid for me in comparison. iepstein uses QST.. Another java app. Which has proven rock solid stable in my demo of the platform (leaving it running 24/7)
  6. Really? properly programmed C++ apps always worked better on my end vs java. It's a low level language far more robust than java, not sure why a broker would use java honestly, other than it's multi OS capability. Although I must give credit to Thinkorswim, their java based platform is the best retail equity/option software I've used.
  7. try out qst.... I actually like the look of it (arrangement) better than TOS's platform, tough we are talking about Futures and not Options... I hate TOS order entry... The switching to a diff tab to place my order is annoying. I'd like to see a pop up window for "off trade tab" order entry... or integrated order entry from windows such as the quote window....
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    I hear Think or Swim is good. Maybe Muriel Seibert. Don't remember if you can trade futures at Seibert.
  9. TOS is limited however... ES, ER, YM, Corn, Soy Wheat, Gold Silver and a couple others...
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