switching to eSignal after all these years..few questions

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  1. Just switched to eSignal after having depended upon reuters screens and cqg all my trading career. After having spent sometime getting used to the GUI and looking/searching for stuff myself before asking here, I obviously still have a couple of questions.

    Would be msot grateful for any assistance. Questions for now are:

    1) is there a symbol linking to (or some way of seeing) a *real-time* chart/list of issues making "NEW highs/ NEW lows" - i.e. a ratio indicator -
    1a) is it possible to implement a sort of filter that would highlight or give a special alert when the issues in question is above a (set by one self) threshold market cap wise with respect to their weighting on SP500, DOW, NAS100 and Russel 2000

    2) a list where the *daily bar* of issues is in new 52 weeks high or low territory. If *at all* possible, again with a filter like outlined above in 1a

    3) can one have a countdown in the heading next to the interval, that tells one how much "left" there is of the current bar - i.e. with minute bar charts, it should count down in secs, hourly bar charts it should countdown in mins., and tick-charts it should countdown remaining ticks for the current bar

    4) A luxury issue perhaps, but...The standard approach to calucations of pivots as applied in the formula supplied by default ("PivotPointsALL")" suits me perfectly, but is there an already-coded formula out there any of you know of, that besides plotting the lines for the pivots, also include text at the right margin, labeling the lines (i.e. P,S1,R1 etc.) - *as well* as possibly including S3 and R3 (not included in the default formula.

    Hope some of you can help me.

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    Great to see you on board with us. I believe I have some good news for you with many of your questions..

    1. & 1a.) The eSignal Scanners are built to do just what you are looking for. They are inside of the eSignal application or can be used through a browser. The former of which can be "linked" to one or more Quote Windows. In addition, filters can be applied to limit the search results based on Market Cap. Further sorting can be done via the Quote Window if needed. For more information, about the Scan Window, please visit this KnowledgeBase Article.

    2.) I'm not entirely certain of what you are looking for. Could you clarify this further?

    3.) This EFS Study tracks the amount of time left in the current bar. There is a few conversations on the eSignal Central Forums going on about this study, and one of them is here.

    4.) The Pivot Console EFS study coded by Divergence Software Inc. has some great features including the ones you mentioned.